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This book, your future your tomorrow is a product of single effort to make the teenagers in the society to understand life in a simple way. It is a tip of advice, encouragement and guideline to the teens at all of better tomorrow with a regard to the least language they will understand and with some examples given.
The tip for better tomorrow of this book would be relevant to all the Pupils, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Schools, also to non students and the society at large. The emphasis lies on a number of issues that will lead to a better tomorrow & bright future, they are as follows:
1. Acquisition of Basic Education
2. Hard-work / Diligence
3. Love for Wisdom & knowledge
4. Honesty
5. Sacrifice
6. Self Discipline
7. Managing your time as teens
8. Avoid less important things
9. Your Company
10 Determination
The characteristics of writing into consideration the basic knowledge of your future your tomorrow is adapted purely to meet the needs of teenagers in our society.

Submitted: July 27, 2010

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Submitted: July 27, 2010





When I received the vision to write on the topic: - Your Future, Your Tomorrow, I was particularly disturbed. I was asking myself what can I write about the future of teenager in a society that is chaotic, dishonest and generally immoral. A society where wealth is concentrated on the hands of a privileged few, where unemployment of all kinds is on its highest peak, where there is a sharp division between the rich and the poor and where unequal access to opportunities is the order of the day. A society where the future of the youths appears to have been entrapped.

Without doubt, teenagers today have many disadvantages and also face unprecedented challenges. They live in a period of time the Bible calls the end time or the last days (Mathew 24). The Bible also describes the period as “hard to deal with” (2 Timothy 3:1). A generation that spend hours enjoying music or playing games (Mathew 11:16-17) instead of doing meaningful things. A generation that experiments everything they see. This is the group I want to talk about their future, so you can see it’s a difficult task.

Despite the odds, there is a way out for you. Although we live in critical times hard to deal with, the Bible offers constructive counsel on how teens can improve their lives, God the author of the Bible keenly desires to teach teenagers how to cope  with challenges. And that is what your pastors, teachers, parents  and elders have been teaching you. And so there is a way out for you. This buttresses the fact that God maketh a way where there seemeth to be no way.




I am putting these little write top base on my experience. For the purpose of clarity, it is important to have a clear understanding of the word future. According to Longman Contemporary English Dictionary the word “Future” connotes the time after the present. Presently you are teenagers and young persons between 13 – 19 years of age. So when we talk about your future and tomorrow, we are talking about that time when you shall have attained the age of 30 years and above. And precisely that will be between 11 to 17 years from now. So in 11 – 17 years from now what does the future hold for you? That is the big question.



I see two types of future for your tomorrow. And you are the architect and designer of that future. First I see a bright future, where your dreams of today are actualized and you take up your position as leaders. I see a tomorrow where you will take over as Governors and Governor’s Wives, as Lawyers, Medical Doctors, Lecturers, Powerful Men of God, Accountants Law Makers and Commissioners etc.

Secondly, I see another future which is bleak and uncertain, a gloomy future full of hardship and wretchedness, poverty and regrets. A future where some youths will serve as criminals, armed rubbers, 419, labourers, truck pushers, waste carriers etc.

In each instance described above, you are the sole determinant of the type of future you will have. In other words, your future is in your hands.





You can decide tonight or today what you want to become tomorrow and work towards achieving them. This is true because your tomorrow begins at moment. Some of the things we can do today to achieve a better tomorrow are as follows:   


Basic education is necessary for any body who wants a better future. in Nigeria, Government have made education compulsory and free up to the first three years of secondary education tagged Universal Basic Education (UBE). Basic education is important for you even if you will want to go into trade or any other form of business. You should therefore endeavour to learn how to read and write at this formative age. If this standard is attained, many of you will be able to use it as a springboard to achieve better things tomorrow even if you happen to be disadvantaged later.

Where it is possible a higher education should be pursued. It should be noted that education in the real sense, is not necessarily restricted to schooling. It could also be acquired outside the school through non - formal programmes. Thus further education and training in preparation for one’s future can be attained through one or more of the following

a) Non – formal apprenticeship under people that are skilled in a particular trade or field of your interest e.g. Computer Training, Furniture Making, Hair Dressing, Mechanic, Fashion And Designing, Trading etc.

b) On the job training: you could be further trained on a job by the establishment you work with.

c) Formal training and scholarly skill acquisition in higher institution such as Universities, Colleges of Education, Polytechnics etc.


A hardworking and diligent individual will take up any responsibility that needs being attended to whether or not he went to the University. Thomas Alva Edison, the man who invented telephone, phonograph, the motion picture camera and  electric storage batteries attended school for only three months (Abraham 2008: 3). His mother taught him reading, writing and arithmetic. Edison achieved this fast through hard work. There are numerous other shining examples.



The Bible lets us know that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Ignorance is the number one enemy of mankind. Hence to adequately prepare for your future, you must constantly seek to know as much as you would possibly know. Trust God, seek knowledge, understanding and wisdom in line with God’s purpose for your future, you will receive what you seek.



Honesty is the best policy one needs to have in life. You are never truly free until you are bold enough to tell the truth about yourself and things around you etc. if your character is questionable in any area and you are unable to put it right as you prepare for your future, you will end up as a very defective personality




This means foregoing the immediate pleasure of today to gain the joy of tomorrow. Note that the time you are in now is a season of planting and labour (Eccl. 3) and it will not last much longer than a passing moment in your life. Thus the sacrifices you make today are investments for your tomorrow. You invest time, money and effort so as to gain something more valuable than invested. You must be prepared to go through turbulent times as you prepare for the future. But you should be rest assured that tough times don’t last forever, but tough people do. Dorothy Height (cited in Okobara 2007:110) makes us to understand that greatness is not measured by what a man or woman accomplishes, but by the obstacles he or she has overcome to reach his /her goals!!



To become something in the future, you must be disciplined. Being disciplined means to refrain from activities that will hinder your success. Self discipline is a part of your personality development and it prepares you for the future. Ask yourself the question do I want to see myself as a failure in life? If your answer is no, it means you must always listen to your parents, your pastors, elders, and obey the word of God. Avoid bad friends, deceptive friends, immoral friends etc (Psalm 1).



Ecclesiastes (3:1) tells us that “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” The best result to your future is dependent on how well you manage your time as teens. You will agree that most teens spend greater part of their time on less important things such as sleeping at the wrong time, watching movies, charting, and discussing irrelevant things.

Lets do a little calculation here. Assuming you spend five hours (5hrs) daily on irrelevant things, plus eight hours (8hrs) sleep in the night, it means you have used up thirteen (13) out of 24hrs in  a day. It means you only utilized 11 hours. If you do this for one month, it means you have wasted 370hrs which is about 16 days of the month given you a balance of 14 days.

If you do this for one year, it means you have wasted 197 days out of 365 days of the year given a balance of 168. If you calculate this into months, it means you wasted about 6 months doing nothing. And that is the beginning of poverty and a wretched future. If you do this for 17 years or 11 years (as the case might be, given your various age range) it means you will be wasting 8 years 6 months or 5 years, 5 months depending on your present age. You will agree with me that these years are enough to acquire a first and second degree in the University, learn a trade or even establish a business. You can utilize your time well by deciding ahead of time on what you want to become in future. Without this, you will be moving without direction. You must note that if you do not know where you are going, no matter the road you take, you will arrive no where. Your purpose in life therefore becomes your road map for the future. Well articulated purpose, keeps you well focused. When you are well focused, you will be less distracted by time wasters such as bad friends fantacies, movies, pornography and bad company etc.






Get focused; stop engaging yourself in those things which give low value returns. Spend your time profitably by doing meaningful activities. Avoid being led by friends who do not have well defined purpose in their life. Get your mind focused on what you want to become. According to Abraham Demas (2008:11) the mind is the laboratory room of your tomorrow‘s world of advancement and development.

What you allow to control your mind today forms your habit

tomorrow. The habit you form today prepares you for good or evil development. It is against this background that proverbs 4:23 advices us to keep our hearts with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life.

The things we see and hear around us can influence us positively or negatively. This will go a long way to affect our future. What we see or read in the news papers, internet, television or even what we hear from our friends can make or mare our future. While it is true that you cannot close your eyes or ears from seeing and hearing things around you, it is equally true that you can close the eyes and ears of your mind to evil things.

The thought which occupies your mind settles and grows. They could grow into good or evil depending on what settles there. It is for the same reason that Apostle Paul concluded his letter to the Philippians by saying.


Finally , brethren, whatsoever things are true ,

 whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things

are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever

things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good.

report; if there be any virtue, and there be praise,

think of these things (Phil. 4:8).


Most teenagers are weak in thought and therefore easily allow themselves to be controlled by other people’s thoughts whether they are right or wrong. Some are ready to follow others even into the pit. If not, how else can we explain those who convince their friends into secret cult, prostitution, robbery, stealing, pornography etc.

To make a good future, I enjoin you to avoid evil thinkers, and time wasters. Jesus talked about this group of thinkers when he said in Mathew (15:19) for out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies.

Begin now to withdraw yourself from evil thinkers. Begin to think big and speak big. The mere act of aiming at something big makes you big. You can’t aim low and then rise high, and you can’t succeed if you don’t try. It is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks. You cannot speck what you did not think. This is in line with the scripture that says as a man thinketh in his heart so he is. 




  It means the group or set of people you will follow to enjoy a better tomorrow, it is very important that you will know the type of company you should follow. The company I am referring to, is not oil company, it is the group of people you move with either in the school, church or the great society. Many teenagers today has being a victim of drug abuse, sexual harassment, cultism, rapping and stealing which lead them to prison where they spent the rest of their life, even some has been disown by their parents why because they are no longer obeying their parents because of the association they are into, if you want have a better tomorrow, you should stop following bad group, come back home, your parents will still accept you, stop grooving with street boys, ball base, and marijuana gang (school and society).etc




Determination means what person, somebody, individual or group of people decided to do in a given time, in  order to achieve their goal. To achieve a better tomorrow, you have to make up your mind in a positive ways on what to do to achieve better tomorrow. Most of our parents who achieve their goals, it was out of their determination, because they have determine that they must do one or two things to stand their own, determination is your success,  when you determine to do some thing good, that  is when good ambition will come into your life Williams Eboh (1997). But if your determination goes negatively, it will lead you to worst tomorrow which may result poverty and many other bad condition that may follow. As a teenage make up your mind to received Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior, it will help you to obey your parents, and as soon as your parents see you changing from bad to good, making good decision, they will feel happy and plain good for you, with that, you can achieve a better tomorrow and bright future.








From all that you have read so far, you will agree with me that your future and tomorrow lies in your hands. You are the only person who can determine for sure what your future will be. The guideline the article have provided in this paper puts you on a better edge of the road to the future. If you violate them, you are likely to derail and the consequences will also be borne by you.

Presently, it is only you that will tell where the road you are following will lead you to in life. Whereas it is true that life has several ups and downs, one can still draw his road map to the future and follow it. If you have not yet drawn your road map to the future, you can still do that now and try to follow it. There is no person alive who cannot make a new beginning. The road to the future have bumps and is rough, but it can still be traveled. Some people can fall down on their way to the future, it doesn’t mean they cannot get up again and keep going. The road to the future is high-speed road, if you can follow it, you will discover what real happiness is in future. Remember, you are the driver.

Fare well and God bless you.











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