Dream Guy, Dream Life

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Why is the boy in my dream only an imagination? Or maybe this boy does exist. Somewhere out there, somewhere in this world- or maybe somewhere beyond or above it. Is he there?

Submitted: November 13, 2008

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Submitted: November 13, 2008



I was sleeping last Friday night. I got the best dream ever. It was a dream of me and a boy, a handsome boy. He was probably a bit taller and a bit older than me. I didn't remember how he exactly looked. I just remembered his green eyes and smile. His shirt was pure clean white. He was the prince I had been waiting to see. And that night I saw him, although I didn't even get a chance to touch or talk to him. Even though not. I can still remember it until now. The feelings I felt that time. My heart beated rapidly, and I blushed and smiled at him. He did the same.

All I could remember about him- as I told you- was his green eyes and his smile. I also remembered this boy has medium light-brown hair. He looked at me while he was drawing in his Sketch Book. He said something to me in a low voice, but I could hear it, even if we were quite far from each other. He told me, "You'll see me again in the real world," and after that he put his Sketch Book on his desk and walked up to me. He was a bit taller than me. Yes, he WAS older than me also. Probably just a year older. He hugged me, and both of us were quiet. I was trying to hug him too, but it seemed that I couldn't move that time. In most of my dreams, I couldn't move-at all, neither could I speak. It was an ordinary thing in one of my dreams, no movement or voice out of me. After that he said, "I can't believe you had already forgotten, I'll see you later, k?" And that was the end of it. He walked away, and I was just looking at him. He was so the guy I wanted to have, but after he was out of sight, I was awaken.

I somehow knew that this dream has a meaning, something. I thought that this guy really do exist, but who knows? He said I had forgotten. Maybe I knew this guy? Or maybe I WILL know this guy. I don't know.

But now I know. Today, is Monday. My favorite day (not). I went to school with my friends, all of them girls- girly girls- (and I am not really one of them). When we got to the school's ground, I was standing while they left me. They then noticed me just standing there, and one of them asked me,"Are you okay?" and I answered,"Leave me, I'll catch up." And they nodded and left. I looked at the guy in my dream. He looked exactly like the guy in my dream. He smiled at me. He has the same green eyes and brown hair like the guy in my dream. He also has this unique smile that made me went speechless. I ran toward him, and I asked him "Are you...," but he interrupted me by giving a 'shh-' gesture on his soft hand. "My name is..." He said-

-The End- =3

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