A Temptress

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a poem for lovers

Submitted: March 31, 2011

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Submitted: March 31, 2011



As I walked within the scented room
The candles flickered beckoningly, its ambience Devine
Dancing to the gentle breeze, emitted from the door
The sounds of Kenny G drowned me, in waves of simmering love
Music cast its spell on me, enchanting notes of love
Perfume floated in the air, intoxicating me
Her beauty captivating me, a prisoner of her charms
Her eyes they mesmerise my soul, I walk as in a dream
Sitting there upon her chair, she eyed me silently
Her expecting eyes now sparkling, desire did fill my soul
In enticing lingerie she sat, presiding over all
As if a queen, while I her slave, her every word obey
I could do no other than I did
Before her beauty bowed
‘Your requests are mine’ I said to her, ‘I’m ready to fulfil’
Then looking deeper in her eyes was transported far beyond
Her whirlpools drew me deep within
Through mesmerizing rays of light
I watched her every movement slow
My only thoughts were her
They rested on her pure white thighs
Her stockings framing them
My eyes then locked to hers in love
She smiled and moved her fan
As though a hint of blush to hide
From cheeks so porcelain white
Arising from her throne she moved towards the waiting bed
A backward glance told me to come
Obediently I did, I rose and followed in her steps
She stood approvingly
Her fingers moved upon my chest unbuttoning my silken shirt
Discarding it on to the floor, I felt her gentle touch
Her fingers danced upon my chest
Her perfume lingered there
I took her in my arms right then and held her near to me
Our lips did met in crackling sparks, she gasped our warmth did surge
Our eyes still locked in lovers grasp, exploring each other’s soul
While flesh did mingle intertwined in passions powerful sway
Our passions throbbed as ardour rose
Touching, caressing, entering in, exploring everywhere
Our tongues and fingers moved as one
To heighten love’s sweet power
Spiralling waves of sensuality crashed
Blissfully covering us
Until at last all senses explode
I lay betwixt her breasts
Nestled in warmth caressed in love
A contented kitten I
She smiles, I smile; our eyes tell all
Her fingers in my hair
Tonight we joined as one at last
Our love we shared in all
Today was special to us both
We wed just hours before

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