Void Wars: Dreamweavers

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Void Wars is a small collection of tales surrounding The Void and of the creatures and characters inhabiting this Void and the Dreamlands.

Submitted: November 20, 2010

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Submitted: November 20, 2010



The Dreamweavers are a race of creatures that are responsible for the creation of the Dreamlands.

Countless years ago, they came into existence on another plane and after millennia, had used up all their world's natural resources. So they started searching for another. Early attempts at space travel proved disastrous as, although capable of traveling through space without technology, many thousands of them died of starvation on the long journeys to other stars. It was shortly after this that they discovered the infinite number of dimensions that make up the multiverse. It was between these dimensions that they discovered the Void. The Void is the name they gave to the vast empty spaces between the dimensions; a horrible, nightmarish emptiness populated by vicious predators and terrible storms of psychic energy.

The Dreamweavers had had no natural predators on their world and quickly fell victim to the ruthless determination of swarms of creatures seeking to feed on the material that the Dreamweavers largely consisted of; brain matter. For this is what the Dreamweavers were, enormous brains capable of movement by thought alone. The psychic storms of the Void confused the Dreamweavers who, in their confusion, were vulnerable to the Void Swarms. But they could not abandon their search for another world and so, out of sheer hunger and desperation, continued to risk the often decades-long journeys through the Void to find another home.

Eventually the Dreamweavers began to evolve to better survive the merciless Void. They developed a single massive eye with which they could see through the Void and detect the Void's psychic storms. Their hind legs and tail, unused for millennia, became ultra-fine fins that they used to glide through the Void. The front legs became long, light tentacles, at the end of these grew large semi-transparent pods. These pods eventually were used to leech psychic energy from the Void. They had found a food source, an inexhaustible, invaluable one, but with dire consequences. When feeding on the psychic energy, the energy reaction inside the pods lit up the Dreamweavers, exposing them, leaving them more than ever in danger of dying out.

With the eye and energy pods also came an increased intelligence, one that brought a startling realisation to the Dreamweavers. They began to notice thin strands of energy connecting the dimensions, strings of energy that they found they could interact with and eventually control. They discovered that by manipulating these strings, they could pull the dimensions together! Instead of tens of years of drifting between them, risking extinction at the hands of the Void Swarms and the myriad other hazards of the Void, they could travel from one dimension to another in only minutes!

But they still had no home, so with this new found knowledge and vast amounts of power harvested from the Void, they decided to create one.

Risking imminent attack, they all gathered and selected a particular strand of energy. After thousands of years of roaming the dimensions collecting psychic energy, they focused everything they had, everything they were at this strand and in a blinding flash that lit up the multiverse, a new dimension was born.

In a panicked fury, the Void Wasps attacked. The Dreamweavers, now having something to lose, were ready. They blasted at the infernal swarms with thousands of years of nightmares, fear and negative energy.
The swarms were devastated. Tens of thousands of them simply shut down, their brains simply shutting down under the onslaught.

The Dreamweavers fled triumphant to their new dimension and over time populated it with all the peoples, creatures and places that beings from all over the multiverse had created in their dreams.

And so, it became the Dreamlands.

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