To denizen of smoke, this rant you may like, if you’re tired of being a second class citizen.
For smokers not be, this rant may dislike, for it addresses an obvious controversy.

The madness be worst than initially thought, and I have to take as an omen.
It is so bad, so disturbed and distraught, that I had to change this summary.

Why, you may ask, I had to make new... the summary?
I tell you my friend because in the end, no one was reading this fricken poem.

Second Hand Smoke; a Rant

Of course I smoke, it’s only the happy that frown,

they act like they have their shit together, as if any were around.

It matters not if I smoke outside,

They give me a look that is especially snide.

They turn their nose up into that frowny face

But they gladly inhale carbon monoxide,

if it hurries their pace.

For smokers, are the fashionable witch-hunt...

an easy target of which to affront.

Mean while, the clothes you wear, the water you drink,

will all give you cancer. Don’t you think?

The scrapers sky all laden with asbestos...

Oh Yea, that thin layer of concrete will surely protect us.

The city of Gotham is not really a healthy place

Along with the rats, we all congest the same space.

All the TV ads, about the dangers of smoking abound,

usually acted by high-schoolers, and the college bound,

they won’t smoke, but will take ecstasy…if it’s around.

Smokers support this economy,

so spare me the hypocrisy.

At ten dollars a pop, these second class citizens gotta be fricken crazy.

For those of you who have no vices, what’s the use?

If you are so perfect then why the abuse?

For you no drinking, no smoking and no sex,

might as well live in a body codom of latex.

So next time you feel offended for second hand smoke

Understand we are all on the same path to death, before you hit that coke.


If you didn’t like the poem but liked summary

One out of two ain’t bad, waddaya want for free?


Latin from Manhattan

Submitted: October 07, 2008

© Copyright 2022 nycboy. All rights reserved.

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