Control - You can only go so far

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012




A title is a significant aspect of writing and a good one decides whether your work will be read, or overlooked. A title must be made so that it’s powerful enough to attract the readers, yet simple and clear enough to appeal to them…

What is this nonsense? Why must a title determine an article?

The reason why I didn’t put mine up on the top of this piece is because I want people to look at this article the way they should be looking at everybody else…without judgement…and without first impressions. 

As much as I hate the fact that people have first impressions, I’m sure you already have your opinions and views of my work so far. It’s only a natural habit for humans to judge, and that’s something I can’t control. It’s funny, cuz my article is all about



Did you notice how I used “cuz” in the previous sentence? Cuz is not a real word. It’s a slang abbreviation for “because”, and yes I’m allowed to use slang terms cuz this is my world; and in my world, I’m in control.

Please try to keep up with me.


Here, I control every word, BIG or small,

I control everyS P A C E,

I control every mtsikae,

and most importantly, I control you. Get the idea?





Control can do many things to people. It can impress. Please tell me you noticed my brilliant transition…genius right?

Wrong. Now, why…are. Wait…why, are

You: reading…so slowly?

Evidently the maniac writing this article is having too much fun controlling you.  That’s right, I just called myself a

Maniacs are people who display extremely wild behavior. But that doesn’t make them heartless and naïve. I once had a heart.

A heart that could’ve been saved…if only I wasn’t so senseless…if only none of this nonsense ever happened. There aren’t enough curse words in the world to upkeep this feeling. I could have prevented this…



If only I could control every feeling, BIG or small

If only I could control that hollow S P A C E, you call your heart. 

If only I could control every mtsikae that I make

and most importantly, if only I could control you. Get the idea?





Distress can do many things to people. It can hurt. Please tell me you noticed I’m talking about a girl…sweet right?

Wrong. Now, why…am. Wait…why, am

I: in so much pain?

Evidently this Little-Miss-Perfect is having too much fun controlling me. That’s right, I just called her a

Heartbreakers are cold and criminal beings with no consideration of other’s feelings. But she was a special case. She’s not cold, nor is she inconsiderate, but she committed a crime. Today, I’m taking back what she stole.

I remember exactly how she did it. She grabbed me. We flew: I never realized how high she took me, till I saw how far I fell.

Do you know how eagles prey on turtles?

The eagle rapidly soars down upon the hopeless turtle and grips it, using its deadly clutches. Then it flaps its mighty wings hastily till take off. The predator and prey soar across the sky, until the predator decides to let go, allowing gravity to guide the prey towards its grave.

Fortunately for me, I was no ordinary turtle. I had an iron shell. A shell that has always protected me. After I fell, I decided that it was time to stop hiding and man up. It was the day I stepped out of my

Shells are bullets for shotguns, like the one the blind cupid used to shoot us. Shotguns have scattered shots; it can hit multiple targets at once…why couldn’t cupid just use the bow and arrow for God’s sake? That way, it would only be you and me who would fall in

Love is overrated…I don’t know how many times that has been said but it’s true.

Love is like origami, you let her shape you, then she keeps you in her little collection, and then when she’s gone, and you’re back to your original form, you can never get rid of the marks she left folding you. And if she wants to shape another piece, guess what? There’re so many new colorful pieces waiting to become paper cranes. So screw that, just move on; and that’s exactly what I’m going to do, I’m going to move

On the pursuit of happiness; people usually get caught up in their own goals that they lose sight of everything else. They lose sight of people around them and of the person they are becoming. Good friends stick around, but others go away from

You have really outdone yourself this time…I’m not that easy to break, but you somehow managed to make a puzzle out of me.

I am incredibly lost

Love is extremely confusing

You are a serious distraction

Not to mention you’re all I write about

You played me, and now it’s my turn. How’s a game of I SPY sound?

I’ll start.  

I SPY: a lazy acrostic poem. If you didn’t spot it I don’t know how you got this far.

How’d you get this far? ...not once did you stop and turn to take a look at what you were leaving behind.

I SPY: an upcoming, new pattern of writing. If you didn’t spot it, you might as well stop reading.

Stop reading; you’re going to wish you stopped when you find out it’s me writing. I miss you by the way.  

I SPY: this girl, this exceedingly special girl; in the blend of this text. If you haven’t spotted her, don’t give up.

Don’t give up the search. I warn you though, she’s a clever one; she’d be hiding in the last place you’d look.

I SPY: an emotional reader.

If you have at all, any respect left for me; I hope your tears fall for you the way I did.

Cuz right here, right now, nothing short of your misery can balance out our Libra scale.

This author. He’s crazy, right?

He’s lost…

He’s insane…

yet he’s about to unroll:

His secret…

His pain:

His source of control.

He realizes, the game that we play,

aimed to tear all apart…

But the sensations, lead us astray,

along with a broken heart…

There’re no victors, not even one,

but with you reading this,

he found that he won… 

© Copyright 2020 nyinyi. All rights reserved.

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