Doctor's Wife

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This is a poem I wrote inspired by the Doctor Who Episode: Doctor's Wife where the Tardis was placed inside a Human Body and the first time where they talked face to face.

This Poem won me a Blue Peter Badge.

Submitted: December 09, 2012

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Submitted: December 09, 2012




The Doctor's Wife

When she appeared in front of me

I was full of wonder and awe

She was wooden and blue

But yet she was still beautiful

Well that didn’t stop me then


I stole her that night

Under the Elder’s watchful eyes

Together we went

Through time and space

Full of adventures always landing where I’m meant to be

But always finding trouble I seam to be


Also I have a problem

Of bringing in strays

Well that’s what she says

But I would have never thought

That I wasn’t alone


Together with my companions and friends

We saved time and space

Over again

But there are times we have to part

But that is a time For a fresh start


With each new generation and faces

We change as we go on

New friends and new places

But she will never change


Through those 700 years

Although I changed

She stayed the same

And beside me


The Tardis that’s what I called her

But when we are alone I call her by another

Something that I don’t say out loud

She is not my mother

But she is as nagging as she would have been


Oh how I wish she would talk forever

But we both know

We don’t need that

We have our little way

But all the same


But through out that time

Through out all the adventures

We actually

Never had the chance

To say Hello

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