La Yola

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About a little Domican girl that gets separated from her parents because of immagration. (this is based of of my own experiance, due to the deportation of my father. This is from a young girls point of view maybe about 6 or 7)

Submitted: May 01, 2014

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Submitted: May 01, 2014





Mommy and daddy went out one day and never came back. Shelly didn't understand why because Shelly was a good girl. Shelly played nice. Shelly spoke politely. How mommy and daddy taught Shelly. -But one day they just never come home. Shelly didn’t understand; it was like putting a fish in the middle of the Sahara. Disoriented. Afraid. Unable to breath.

“Aunty where’s Mommy and Daddy?” Shelly cried; a newly hatched crocodile asking for it mom to help it out.  Aunty didn't know how to reply she opened and closed her mouth; a fish, Shelly though. Shelly sniffles and quickly stops. That’s not proper Shelly thought. Aunty then turns and kneels by Shelly. Shelly looks up. “Aunty?”

“Sweet heart Mommy and Daddy aren't here anymore. Mommy and Daddy had to go away.” Shelly pouts and looks away willing her tears to stop. No mommy said to be strong; Strong like a proper woman. “Shell. Look at me.” Aunty touches Shelly’s shoulder; a butterfly landing on a dandelion puff. Shelly looks at Aunty again eyes red and teary.

“Where did Mommy and Daddy go?” Shelly squeaks out opening and shutting her eyes tight; a dame ready to over flood. No daddy said to be strong; Strong and proud of who Shelly is. Aunty looks down and doesn't want to talk. Shelly knows what Aunty is thinking. Aunty thinks Shelly’s to young to understand. A bird that wants to fly but the vines on its wings won’t let it. “Are mommy and daddy dead?”

“Oh God no Shell! Their alive and kicking and still love you.” Shelly’s eyes over flowed. The dame became a waterfall.  Shelly hugged Aunty tight; a boa not wanting to let go. “Shell, why would you think that?”

“Shelly isn't stupid. Shelly knows. Shelly hears… If Mommy and Daddy aren’t with Shelly where are they?”  Shelly looks up at Aunty with serious and sad eyes. Shelly remembered ‘to get what you want in life you must be stern and not let anyone take you for a fool.’ Mommy’s words.

“You’re a bright child but still young Shell. Mommy and Daddy got sent back to the Dominican Republic.” Aunty strokes Shelly’s hair; a mama cat grooming her kittens.


“Who sent them Aunty?” Don’t they know Mommy and Daddy have Shelly and that Shelly loves her mommy and Daddy? Their night night kisses. That Mommy and Daddy put Shelly to bed with their stories of an island with pretty beaches and forest and waterfalls and animals; their stories of how they meet and how they come here; To America. On a Yola, how they survived the ocean and saw how pretty it was. How they left paradise so that Shelly wouldn’t need to walk five miles to school.


“Shelly. Look at me.” Like a good little girl, Shelly looks up. “The government sent them away. But don’t worry we can go visit someday.” Shelly pouts. Shelly’s fist in a tight ball. Shelly hugs Aunty and goes up to Mommy and Daddy’s room… and cries and cries.


Then Shelly understood. The president is mean; a bad person he took Mommy and daddy away. Why? Shelly doesn't know because Shelly isn't a naughty girl. Shelly is a good girl. Shelly plays nice. Shelly spoke politely. How Mommy and Daddy taught me.


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