Miracles Of Love

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A poem that shows what a simple phrase could do to a person. Lies, deceit, kindness, joy. All just words until you do something about it.

Submitted: May 13, 2009

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Submitted: May 13, 2009



A cold night, lonely and barren
A soft wind, blowing amber-rusted leaves away
Creaking, chains rattle
Slowly swinging, silently thinking
Thousands of thoughts
Rage through this confused mind
Disturbing, troubled, lost

A sphere of water created,
Then another,
In sad, deep orbs
The shade of the darkest oceans

Pain fills the heart, faster
Faster than a ship would submerge
Soft sobs, dead silence hovers in the air

A sharp edge, glints of moonlight
Lays on the grass beneath bare toes
Picked up, hesitantly, unsure
Hands tremble, wanting it to end
All of the miserable lies
One has been exposed
Pain is numbed, almost ready to let it go

Almost...until another thought
Comes to mind
The pain and hurt is split
Diverged by another feeling
Slowly is remembered
This feeling, this strange feeling
Of something so different

Memory replays
A bright day, full of joy
Two children running
No longer children
Not yet adults

A phrase escapes one,
A young boy says
Filled with happiness
That single phrase
That one line
Broke her pain
"I love you,"
Was spoken

The vagueness fades
A lighter sense chokes the pain
Removing the numbness
Spheres of water, of tears
Fall, hitting the dew-covered leaves
The hands relax,
Releases the glinted sharp edge
A soft sigh,
No longer hurt,
No longer in pain
Another feeling remains
In the midst of all the havoc
A calm, comfort in the pain

A soft creaking, grass parting
Chains rattle, leaves rustle
Silence is left
Along with another object
Underneath the creaking swing
A glinted sharp-edge
Left abandoned, to be forgotten
As pain is replaced with something
Much better to make it worthwhile


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