Winter's Chicken

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A short story written by Oakblade, a dedication to George Orwell's 1984.
(please tell me if this is any good, what could be better, ...
I plan on using this story in a contest at school.)

Forget 1984, this is 2016 (also know as: Third Year After M-Day). This is the story of a normal guy in a messed up world. His story begins on Monday morning.

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011




Forget 1984, this is 2016 (also know as: Third Year After M-Day). This is the story of a normal guy in a messed up world. His story begins on Monday morning.

‘Sam Winter.’ The nurse looks down the hall and sees how Sam stands up and walks towards her. A skinny, but muscular man, twenty years old, dark brown hair and ditto eyes. He enters with her and takes a seat on the table as instructed.
‘How was your weekend?’ she asks interested. Meanwhile she measures his blood pressure and heart rate.
‘You know damn well how my weekends are, Anna. Bad, like every other day for the past three years. It has always been bad since they took the power. I need the stuff to feel happy, I've always know it like this.’
‘Don’t say that too loud or you’ll get sent to camp again.’ She grabs a prefilled syringe and looks at him. ‘Drop the trousers.’
‘Why? Ain’t this one going in my arm?’
‘No, I’ve received orders to do it this way.’
With a sigh and slight panic Sam drops his pants and underpants and lays down on the table. The alcohol is cold. A sharp pain runs trough his left cheek and leg.
‘Are you finished?’ Sam asks while rubbing his aching cheek.
‘I just need a blood sample, then you’re all set to go.’
Sam freezes and looks her straight in the eyes.
‘What’s up?’
‘Nothing, just do what you got to do.’
Anna sticks a butterfly in a thick vein and waits patiently. When the tube is full, she retracts the needle and presses a cotton ball against the hole. Sam rolls his sleeve back down and walks into the hallway. Anna puts the tube away and turns around.
‘See you next …’
Sam marches out of the medical center and swears indistinctly. He walks out in the pouring rain and crosses the square. The whole time he feels that he is being watched. He goes to the subwaystation to find some cover. On the platform he takes a seat and starts thinking.
‘I’ve got two days at best before the results come out. If they catch you, the fat lady sings for you.’ The subway comes in. Sam makes a decision and boards it.

The building is protected by a wall with barbed wire. On the wall there are many posters of wanted criminals, Sam's picture hangs amongst them. Sam uses his climbing gear to scale the wall. At the top he cuts the wire with a pair of wire-cutters. You wouldn’t say that the building is a chicken-farm would you? Sam slides back down. Covered by darkness, he sneaks towards the large coop. The door is locked. Sam chuckles and starts to pick the lock.
The chickens made little to no noise when he enters. An alarm goes off. Without even looking at them, Sam grabs three fat chickens, dumps hem in a bag and runs towards the wall once more.
‘Stop! Hold it right there!’ Yeah right!
Sam starts to scale the wall and flees from the scene, before the Keepers arrive.

The smell of roasted chicken fills the air. People stare at the man who is eating the delicious pieces of meat. Another piece of chicken comes out of the bag. Fried this time. Some of the staring people start drooling. Sam takes another bite of the roasted one. He can still taste the butter he used to grease it up. A crowd surrounds the bench with the man who eats meat, a dead man. He looks at a little girl who is watching him with a hungry look. He smiles and offers her an entire wing. Her eyes enlarge, but here mother holds her back from taking it. Grinning, he eats the entire thing.
‘What seems to be the problem here?’ A loud voice from the back asks the question.
‘Someone is eating chickenmeat.’ replies another one.
The crowd is being torn in two, six people approach Sam. All wearing the well-known Keeperuniform. All black uniforms with the Partylogo, a crossed-out steak , printed on the front and back.
‘Dear civilian, are you aware you are breaking the first Partyrule?
Sam starts laughing and nearly chokes on the meat.
‘Are you seriously asking me that?’ Sam smiles at the man, then looks at the other squad members. ‘Yes I am eating a good piece of chicken, It’s so delicious.’ He tears of another leg.
‘Name and number.’
‘Sam Winter, 1819485.’
‘Mr Winter, you are a wanted criminal. I am asking you politely, to come with us.’
‘Okay, if you let me finish my meal first.’
‘I think you’ve had enough. Take him away.’
The other five step forward, Sam stands up and headbutts the leader in the face.
‘I will never go with you, you filthy veggiefreak. I’d rather die.’ The chickenbone is clutched between his teeth. The leader regains his balance and looks at Sam furiously.
‘That can be arranged.’ He nods. Sam feels how a large amount of voltage runs trough his body. He falls to the ground and starts to twitch. The guy who tasered him shows a wicked grin.
Before he falls unconscious he hears the leader say: ‘Take him to the Tower, room 202.’


© Copyright 2018 OakBlade. All rights reserved.

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