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Poor Emmi loses her parents.Told to move into her brother who she hasnt seen since she was 8 house.Is lovely chloe Her brothers Fiance going to help or the strange people of ridgeway?

Submitted: December 07, 2012

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Submitted: December 07, 2012



My life swirrled as an uncontrollable bubble .The only one to survive the constant grab of little children eager to pop me. As I floated off.I was bored tapping my fingers as the seconds went by like drumsticks

A loud bang woke me from mydream.Startled I jumped up of thelounge my head swivling to see what had disturbed my daydream.

"I hateyou ,you horrible morron"Mybrothers girlfriend's ,voice rang out high and distressed.Her light footsteps where interupted by enougher loud bang of the front door. "how couldyou ,youtold my family to leave there own house you refused to buy me wineyou've barely evan looked at me as if im a disgrace,you took me somewhere noone else was then you had the nerves to try to carry me intoOUR SHAREDhouse",Chloe's voice gets louder as she storms into the lounge room her beach style drees swirrling like angry waves behind her .Her normaly bright and bubbly personality has brocken into a heart brocken one.Brice walks in suddenly .His long legs stridding towards chloe who quickly spins on her light toes to face Brice.

Brices legs seem to give away as he seemingly callapses to the ground .chloe gasps, my hands reach out to help my brother.But retract as soon as i notice his kneeling one hand out towardschloe.

'i love you more than anything youve been like a mum to my sister when she deeply needed one youve stayed with me crazy stupid me i want to be with you for the rest of my life ",Brice stares love struch at chloe whos balling her eyes out she suddenly latches onto brice .It seems theyve forgotton me until chloes short arms reach out to rap around me and pull me into her arms.Where i suddenly realise im crying.

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