Life Revealed

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Wise quotes


Life through my cornea: I don't have the power to change... I just critise and hope for a change. I obtain power from my pen!

You can't hide away a devil in silk! And you can't pretend angelic in a Bently!

If you don't love what you do, don't bother doing it.

Don't cry over spilt milk, but cry over spilt champagne.

Eyes are a broken vision; half good, half useless.

Life is made of days.

Love is said to be blind, but it's also silent with big ears.

Read what you wrote in two ways.

In trying to lengthen yours, years were shortened.

Eyes can say what lips may can't.

There are two inside each person... fighting.

You are scared of the unknown.

Love is when you can only laugh with the one person who made you cry.

Some people can become very wicked when it comes to them.

We work because we can't not.

Some words are bigger than a notebook.

Two words might be bigger than a book.

People see what they want to see.

If everything is written down, there's nothing written up.

Some things are ugly, but unfortunately true.

Write your own lexicon.

Phylosophy sings souls in a poem.

Psychology is in everything, once you figure out psychology, you figure out everything.

Unjust claims just unjust & so.

No matter how the law of the jungle is silly, it's unfortunately true.

You can do something wrong only when you grow up & know it exists.

You shouldn't be scared unless there's something hidden where it should't be.

Hands are a whole language themeselves.

She sees her faults but he might not see them.

I'd step on the whole world for my dignity, but I'd step on the world & my dignity for my beloved ones, but I'd step on the world, my dignity & me beloved ones for Jesus.

I'd step on the world for my dignity, but not when the world is involved.

Being pathetic is by being disrespectful to yourself, not by any other way.

There shouldn't be a reason to love somebody, but there should be to hate them.

People's heartsd neverchanges!

You love him even though you don't know him yet.

People who say they're something... are usually not.

Looking for wise quotes? Have you checked the Bible?

A penny that you make fun of has magical abilities to turn humans into pigs!

Every person has something beautiful in them.

There should always be a "Why".

Love isn't in eyes or on lips, love is in acts.

Some hearts pound for money, others for food, others for passion, others for themeselves, others for others, but that true hearts are the ones who pound for the Spirit.

Mercy doesn't always come in brass & gold.

Unite for good, depart for evil.

It's not about what's it gonna be, it's about every second on the second.

Peolpe are souls but a land is soil.

To buy something that costs a lot, you have to pay a lot.

So how is it gonna be: sit back or sit front?

A colourful flower turns into a sweet fruit; a beauty out of beauty.

How can a man live without mercy?

Something I hate about me is that I'm a human, filthy like all.

"You" can be an insult, can be out of love, can be a friend, can be an enemie, can be just a person you're calling, or a carn be a person you need.

Smile it's your gift!

I talk to you all the time, I just don't know who you are yet.

When there's You, there's a way, You are my will!

"Sorry" doesn't make you a whimp but a hero.

Forgive & forget, & don't live in the dark shadow of dark debt, because hatred can be hard.

Too many contradictions.

Too repeated, too  ignored.

You might burn yourself with the world, since it's all garbage, when you remember you are part of that world, you might not mind, but when you remember that your beloved ones are... you may not burn it afterall!

Some people should understand that others don't make a killing just to please them!

 To every feminst in the world: A woman is a man with different tissues, you can't despise her only for one bit larger chromosome, that doesn't turn her a monster.

To stop feminism in the world, you should stop it in every man's heart in the world first!

As long as the law of the "jungle" applies to humans that could only mean that no matter how we improve, we will always remain animals.

Love is more magical than what you see in movies!

Love is shamed by those silly teenage relationships.

Love doesn't always mean :the other sex", love can also mean any person who would give up for you... your family...

Dear possessive parents: Parents don't own their children.

Parents never die; they live in their children.

That sort of love happens once in a lifetime.

They always have what we want, & we always have what they want, they always do, & & we never do, yet we always do, & they never do, & none can figure that out.

Instead of groaning about what you don't have, enjoy what you already have.

Eat balanced, work balanced, excercise balanced, play balanced, but love passionately & laugh cheerfully.

Family bonds aren't through marriage or blood, they are through love, or at least they should be! some friends are family,some brother are enemies. 

There's a difference between looking for true love & looking for romance or something else...

True love has been given to you the second you were born... your mother looking at you lovingly already!

A person who loves you wouldn't find you gross! So be yourself!

They say that some humans are great! But isn't it great how these "great" humans turn to pigs around a penny?

Tears on her rosy cheeks ask for a cause, but tears on his solid cheeks are certainly pain.

Look to your future; it's the future you can only change.

Life is like a movie, you roll the film but you can't actually determine how it ends.. 

You sit on you desk, with a pen & a paper, deciding how it's gonna be... Before you lift your eyes up... Before you write you first word... Too late! You should've been faster!

Devils you say?! Watch what we, humans are doing to one another, thinking oneself is the greatest of all... Is there deviler than this?!

A lover bears their beloved.

Mercy is bravery not a shame!


Submitted: December 10, 2011

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