The Saviour (I) - Timeline

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A timeline to help with the background of The Saviour.

Submitted: December 12, 2010

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Submitted: December 12, 2010



1442Nathaniel born
1447Macon born
1449Lestat born
1451Alphonso born
1455-85War of the Roses
1459 Nathaniel reborn
1465Macon reborn
1466Louis born
1467Damon born
1468Lestat reborn
1470Alphonso reborn
1486Louis reborn
1490Vampire Council is made
1502Feeding law put in place
1517Demons attack lone vampire
1519Vampire protest
1537Elena born
1559Elena reborn
1569Elena and Nathaniel meet
1594Demons declare war
1607Nathaniel and Elena marry
1642-51English Civil war (Vampires vs Demons)
1666Great Fire of London (Demons)
1687Evangeline born
1692Salem Witch Trials
1708Evangeline reborn
1713Flynn born
1718Annabelle born
1723Matthias born
1735Flynn reborn
1738Fredrick born / Annabelle reborn
1741Matthias reborn
1748Sweeney Todd (Demon) born
1758Fredrick reborn
1772Elena murdered
1782Nathaniel (renamed Ethan) disappears and the search for him begins
1802Sweeney Todd caught by Vampire Council
1812War of 1812 (Vampires vs Demons)
1817Nathaniel / Ethan presumed dead but some still search for him
1846-47The War of the Axe (Vampires vs Demons)
1882Memorial for Nathaniel
1888Jack The Ripper (Demon)
1894Vampire Hunt
1912Titanic sank (Demons sank it)
1914WWI began
1918WWI ended
1939WWII began
1945WWII ended
1949Vampire of London
1975-80The Yorkshire Ripper (Demons)
1982Falklands war
1989Jackson born
1991Gulf war
2003+Iraq war
2006The Suffolk Strangler (Demon)
2009First Black President
2010Conservative PM – Speech – Vampires exist
2010Ethan moves to Cornwall
2010 – MayLaw – no harm to vampires
2011 – AprilNew PM
2011Jackson reborn
2012 – JulyCubs set up for vampires
2013Trying to find a cure for vampires

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