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Facade corporations, internet domination, mysterious islands, cybernetic bodies, existential angst, and self aware AIs.

Submitted: July 07, 2014

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Submitted: July 07, 2014



Codeword: Project Jupiter – The plot behind Jupiter Sounds A.J. Obinali

Location: An uncharted Island in the Indian Ocean on the Tropic of Capricorn. A secret facility created by a giant corporation known as the Ultranational Corporation run by Professor Hollace Gamera, an expert computer engineer and scientist alongside his wife, Ora Gamera, and his assigned staff.

Objective: the Ultranational Corporation wishes to integrate all the data contained in every internet network of the world and create a new, separate internet that the corporation would govern and make accessible to all individuals.

Background: The Ultranational Corporation is a mega corporation known for their innovative creations for civilian and military purposes; humanitarian aid, benefits, and security; and international influence with great public support across the globe.

In order for the integration, Ultranational created facilities housing a network of advanced servers and super computers accessing data from the internet via satellite to store and compute data. Such a feat would have been impossible without the help of Professor Gamera with the program he created and named Jupiter, an artificial intelligence with the purpose of locating, copying, and computing data via any internet access and storing it in an assigned memory bank. Because of the professor strong sense for contingency, he made it so that the A.I. could only download data from the internet and never upload any data. He feared the possibility of the A.I. becoming self-aware, so he trapped its programming within the island’s means by making all data flow into the island, but never out which also had been in the corporation’s interest for the project. Because the island was to be kept secret, the facility was built to be self-sustaining by generating power from three power grids: one solar, one hydroelectric, and one gasoline.

An accident occurred in the facility holding the gasoline generators. An explosion injured or killed everyone present. One of the injured was Gamera’s wife Ora. She was in critical condition as the explosion disfigured her and caused massive head trauma. It was a miracle she had survived, but was now a vegetable in a coma. This crushed the professor and caused him to lose all morale, motivation, and purpose which was detrimental to Project Jupiter. Ultranational then came up with a solution. They presented schematics for a cybernetic shell. Though the entire body was a cybernetic prosthetic, the brain was to be a combination of both cybernetic components and actual pieces of Ora’s brain. This was to be the world’s first cyberbrain. Part of Ora’s cerebrum had been damaged and Gamera theorized there would be gaps in her memory. Using optic recorders, brain scanners, visual displays, and a number of other highly sophisticated tools and devices, Gamera was able to develop a machine which would playback all the accessible memories from Ora’s cerebrum. Using this, Gamera would fill the gaps of significant memories held in Ora’s cerebrum with the best of his knowledge, knowing that error was inevitable. Because of this inevitability, Gamera burned all photos from their past because he did not want to take any chances. After the process had been finished, a gloomy Gamera realized that 88% of Ora’s memory was now fabricated. Though he refused to acknowledge the feeling, Gamera felt that after the brain reconstruction and transfer, his wife may no longer truly be his wife. Gamera was not religious, and the theory and philosophy of the soul was a vague and ambiguous subject to him. He then began to think if the brain is taken and body is left to die, what would happen to the soul? Gamera’s love pushed him to want his wife back by any means so he proceeded with the operation.

The cerebrum of Ora’s brain was removed, surgically repaired to the possible extent with damaged parts being replaced with cybernetic components, and placed into computer hub which acted out all functions of a normal human brain such as speech, mobility, etc. as well as functions of an advanced computer system.  After Ora’s cyberbrain had been constructed, it had come online, but was then placed under stasis until the development of her cybernetic body was completed. The body was to look identical to her own, but with enhanced abilities and added features from Gamera’s own redesign that included a stronger inner shell casing composed of a polymerized alloy of palladium, titanium, and tungsten in an effort to create an extremely  durable, yet mobile casing for the body, a solar energy receiver, and a super compact alternator. This was given to Gamera after demanding the material from Ultranational knowing he was too valuable to be refused, but in exchange, he had to rewrite Jupiter’s program to not only search and copy internet data, but also data from highly secured government systems and any device linked to the internet which was against Gamera’s code of ethics. Gamera then realized the dark truth behind the efforts of Ultranational, but was forced to submit to their will for the sake of his wife. Jupiter’s program was then rewritten and all devices connected to the internet, internet sources, and government databases across the globe were now susceptible to being located, hacked, read and copied by the A.I. This made Gamera’s skepticism of the A.I. gaining self-awareness flourish into paranoia. In an act of contingency, Gamera secretly synced the supercomputers’ interface with Ora’s cyberbrain and gives Ora access to the A.I.’s program and database giving her control over it.

Soon Ora’s cybernetic body was completed and looked identical to her own body, except her eye color were now a light tone of magenta, her skin had no blemish on its surface, and the only areas of her body with hair were her scalp, eyelashes, and eyebrows. Her body was composed of a dense outer shell mad of artificial muscle tissue giving her the appearance of a woman and an inner shell underneath the outer shell made of the polymerized alloy casing her hardware and machinery. She would not eat or drink meaning urination and defecation would not happen, and sexual reproduction was out of question. Her body was submersible and her inner shell could endure extreme temperatures and traumas. Her outer shell was thick enough to endure extreme temperatures to a lesser extent and tough enough to endure a great threshold of force without scathe or penetration. The body was able to achieve physical feats beyond that of human measures. Normally, physical activity would drain the body’s energy supply, but because of the super compact alternator Gamera had added, constant motion from the legs actually charges the battery alongside the solar panel placed underneath the surface of her scalp that could only be used when exposed to sunlight meaning Ora would be required to remove the artificial scalp connected to her head. On the back of Ora’s neck was a panel containing a retractable USB cord for physical connections and conventional charging. Ora was also able to connect wirelessly with an installed Bluetooth system to compatible devices. Three of Ora’s senses: sight, hearing, and touch, received enhancements from the cybernetic components used for these function. Her vision could be refocused for long distances or small objects and included infrared vision if switched on. Her hearing and touch could sense the most subtle vibrations when focused. Ora lost her sense of smell and taste because the body lacked components for these functions which were seen as sensibly unnecessary for a machine. Once Ora’s cyberbrain was placed into the cybernetic skull which had been reinforced to make it stronger than the other regions of her inner shell, connection between the cyberbrain and the cyber body had been achieved. Ora had come online.

During Ora’s rebirth, the A.I., Jupiter, had already copied a substantially enormous amount of data from databases across the globe, but soon after copying a great number of government databases, the program was noticed which caused a great deal of alarm to the national security of multiple nations. A joint operation between several hacked nations was initiated to capture or trace the program. The operation was successful after the A.I. began coping data from a dummy database created in order to trace the source of the program which had been downloading top secret information. The secret island had been discovered and the U.N. began formulating plans for a covert operation to be undergone. Australia’s U.N. representatives had been taking part in these discussions, but unknown to other members, one of the Australian representatives was actually aware of the island’s existence and the fact that the Ultranational Corporation had been operating there. The U.N. representative then alerted the vice president of the Ultranational Corporation who he had connections to. Instead of sharing this information he saw this as an opportunity to gain control of the corporation by tipping off the authorities, placing blame on the president and other board members, and taking over as head of the corporation.

On the island a few weeks after her reconstruction, Ora was struggling with her new existence as she began questioning her life and humanity, though she was indeed happy to be alive. She noticed the troubled look in Gamera’s eyes when he would look at her even as he smiled. She knew something was not right. She was aware of her memories being damaged from the accident, but not to the actual extent. Soon she mysteriously began remembering some memories that she thought had been lost. Over time she began to remember things differently than how she initially remembered them after her reconstruction, but found it hard to differentiate between her imagination and actual memories. Ora began thinking of the possibility of fabricated memories which was then confirmed when she found the room where the operation had taken place. She syncs with the computers in the room and goes through all of the data stored within them. There, she finds images of her mangled, original body, schematics for her cyberbrain and cybernetic body, and all the information relating to the operation. She then finds the device Gamera used to fabricate her memories. She began to think that the gaps in her memories weren’t actually filled, but were overwritten with the fabricated ones. She then began to think that she actually died during the operation after the removal of her brain and in reality; she was an android and not a cyborg. Ora believed that she was not truly human, but a robot copy with a human brain. Gamera then walked into the room after his silent alarm was activated. Ora questioned her husband, about everything with both anger and despair rushing through her. Ora also noticed, that though she felt the emotions, she does not cry which, to her, was a very significant factor of her not being human. Gamera is silent during the whole confrontation even when Ora destroyed objects around her with her strength. As Gamera was finally about to speak, an alert is heard.

Moments before Ora’s confrontation with Gamera, a British task force had landed on the island by a late night halo drop to cripple the island’s external security, allowing multinational forces to emerge from the waters of multiple beach fronts under the stealth of night. After the island’s external security had been disabled, the British task force alongside Russian, American, Australian, and Korean forces made their way through the island towards their designated targets. Island security was notified and the personnel began preparation to engage the multinational forces and enabled countermeasures. Gamera took command at the control room and notified the Ultranational Corporation only to learn that their corporate headquarters was also under attack.

The Ultranational headquarters located in Atlanta, Ga also took its own countermeasures knowing there would no compromise as they faced international cyber terrorism and treason charges. The headquarters went under lockdown and corporation security forces began arming themselves in preparation for the authorities’ assault due to their refusal to submit. The president of the corporation alongside the vice president and other important individuals made their way to an underground escape route using a secret elevator while the rest of the board members tried to escape using helicopters. Swat teams began entering the building and were met by security forces who initiated a firefight. Helicopters surrounded the building, and fearing for his own safety, the Ultranational helicopter pilot leaves before the board members could reach him, but the pilot was chased, shot down, and crashed onto I-75 in the northern outskirts of the city.

Back on the island, multinational forces had infiltrated multiple facilities and engaged island security forces. Both the corporation headquarters and the island became warzones with noncombatants caught in the crossfire. Gamera ordered reinforcements to the satellite fields because they were their primary line of communication and was essential to Project Jupiter as it had been the means by which Jupiter connected to outside networks. Gamera then left the control room with his wife fearing for her well-being because she held sophisticated technology and knew she would be subject to exploitation if captured. Gamera and Ora made their way to the large room holding Jupiter’s mainframe. Gamera located a handgun stashed in the room for protective measures and explained to Ora how she could control the A.I. and access its data beyond her knowledge. Looking at the security camera Gamera saw that the multinational forces were closing in on their position and activated the remainder of the facilities defenses. The facility’s defenses were able to hold off the forces for a moment while Gamera attempted to externalize the A.I. and the data it held and give it to Ora. Multinational forces cut off power to the facility causing back up power to come on line a few seconds after the blackout and the system to reboot forcing the professor to restart the externalization process. While the process restarted, Gamera commanded Ora to stay in the room and receive the data while he goes to confront the multinational forces to buy them some time. Ora unwillingly accepted the command and remained in the room while Gamera left. Ora then began communicating with the Jupiter then accessed all the coms that were still functioning. In the images, all she saw was death, destruction, and despair. She then watched the coms that held Gamera in its visual. Gamera was seen shooting at multinational forces even though he was outgunned. Gamera received a wound to his shoulder causing him to drop his weapon; allowing multinational forces to close in on him. Ora rushed to his aid, but as she nears him, soldiers spotted her and opened fire. Out of instinct, Gamera blocked the bullets with his body receiving wounds in his upper and lower back. Ora quickly carried Gamera back to the room and sealed it off with its reinforced door. Back at the Ultranational headquarters, the corporation’s president, vice president, and important individuals made their way to the cars in the underground bunker guarded by corporate security officers, but before entering with the other individuals, the president stopped the vice president and explained how he knew it was his betrayal that caused their downfall. The vice president denied the allegation in a cowardly notion, but the president refused to listen to his lies. The president then asked for the automatic weapon held by one of the security officers and kills the vice president. Ordered by the president, the security officers obtain a can of gasoline from the trunk of one of the cars and poured gas on the vice president’s dead body before lighting it on fire. The cars then drive off through the underground tunnel to safety.

As Gamera lays dying on the floor in Ora’s arms, he explained how he truly did not know whether Ora was truly the wife he lost to the accident or a copy housing her brain, but that did not change the fact that he loved her. He then gives Ora codes that would allow Ora to upload data from the island to outside networks and that before doing so; she should fully merge her interface with the Jupiter’s. Gamera spoke his last word of love to his wife and then died. Distraught, Ora began weeping even harder, but the weeps soon grew from howls of sorrow to a cybernetic, multi-pitched sound of rage as her eyes began glowing in a darker, more intense tone of magenta. She then began accessing data stored by the Jupiter. Multinational forces blasted open the door to find an enraged Ora standing over the body of a deceased Gamera. Ora had already finished downloading combat data from Jupiter that was copied from military databases and engaged the soldiers. Ora overwhelmed the soldiers with her superior speed, strength, hand to hand skills, impenetrable shell, and marksmanship after she acquired a gun from one of the slain soldiers. Ora then proceeded to exterminate the rest of the invading forces with the soldiers’ weaponry throughout the island using her access to functioning cameras and calculations to locate and terminate them with extreme prejudice while she made her way to the satellite fields where all, but one of the satellites had been destroyed. None of the soldiers on the island could compete against her superior abilities, forcing them to call in airstrikes on the entire island, but before those airstrikes could arrive, Ora had successfully eliminated all the enemy hostiles losing all of her clothing and pieces of her artificial flesh in the process. During the fight, Ora had fully realized herself to be a machine and no longer human. Her humanity, emotions, and nudity no longer held meaning to her. She completed her objective which included the protection of the final satellite.

With her enhanced hearing, she was aware of the coming airstrikes even when the commands were spoken in foreign languages. She then rushed back to the mainframe at top speed and merged her interface with Jupiter. She initialized a takeover of the program and in sense; the A.I. became an extension of Ora’s consciousness. The A.I., now Ora, was self –ware. Ora who assumed herself as the program “Jupiter Ora” entered codes to allow information from the A.I. to be uploaded to the net and every device connected to it via satellite. At that moment, the airstrikes arrived and the island was carpet bombed, destroying everything on the land. It had already been too late. The A.I.’s data had already been received by orbiting satellites and taken them over. The satellites then beamed the information to every network across the globe like a virus. All around the world, a magenta colored image holding the A.I.’s insignia appeared on the screen of every computer, television, and device. All computers were now susceptible “Jupiter Ora’s” control. “Jupiter Ora” survived the explosions with all of her artificial flesh torn away and her cybernetic inner shell casing hardly scathed. “Jupiter Ora” then began plotting the creation of a human subjugation program.

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