O! Farewell my Guillaume! (What a growling requiem)

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not the best summary, i suppose. but i'm hoping to heighten a readers interest

Submitted: November 25, 2006

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Submitted: November 25, 2006



O! Farewell my Guillaume! (What a growling requiem)

Only such parted blood liquese shant disperse its symmetry

Upon the lines of dynasty, my fellow prince,???? my to be king??

My woman to be betrothed denies the docket of your demand -crying 'this city can fend for itself

'Resivor of crocks, who would gladly paddle for- a banquet of peasants all re calculating the sinister mathematics.

Making baby steps across the stiffness of the pillars, the arch’s of feeble talents enough to apostate such an entree

So we did our curtsy and bow to Mother Nature, as we scurried. In the blood drenched coats of skinned bears.

O, to bear arms. An arm, a hand, a finger so cold. Not to be courted, we'll fool the men with our wardrobe of stolen fur

We will become only courted with the wood, so feral in wilderness.

Aye and I will try to not howl what penitent plebian ways.

Over the tenets of my last patch of human flesh- the voodoo spindles threaded such heavy hair as a disfigured, mad mutt; a whimsical wolf sobs over the descending moon light

O' could of you loved me then? Canine barking hellish malign, o' cursed lycanthropy (whatever I did, remember were out here for you and me)

A benevolence of the finest philanthropy im praying, will keep you still loving me.

Will keep you still touching me. Will keep you, in clutched poise. Do what I say, (leave no dismayed noise, lover) Concealed in the cypress weaving through the strident winds, of the most disgruntled ridicule of the heavensIvy has already thrived in the castle.

Caves now doorknobs, of what speculative thorny notches- Only keeping you here with me, a small, and safe and sound.

May we only transit to the soil, unfoiling to but herbal thrones of loyalty

Sierra Garcia


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