A.I. Artemis

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Just an introduction and short extract from the middle of a trilogy I'm working on. Please comment on what you think.
Criticism is welcome of course, valid criticism that is.

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011




The entire plotline takes place in year 2012*, except the universe we start the story in is not our universe, it's an earth far more advanced than ours. Humanity has already terraformed venus and mars and more than 3 billion have been deported to the nearest colonizable planet, Terra. All of humanity is essentially peaceful and have had centuries of peace, under one government. The Nazis.

( Remember, its an entirely different dimension)

Only one major problem stops them from colonizing th rest of the galaxy, energy. So scientists work up this machine called Artemis, that can harness infinite power from the joining of dimensions. So they do it.

It has one unforeseen sideeffect though, the planet Artemis is bridged to in the other dimension literaly explodes in super nova due to radioactive decay from the extreme heat given of the energy. The Planet that was destoyed was Earth in a dimension that was the mirror image of the Good Nazis. The Red Allies take this as an overly hostile act and build a machine of their own, Opal. In the bridging 3 billion Nazi's are murdered as the bridging destroys Terra.

So begins the war. 


It shall be spread into 3 books, a trilogy, each depicting the war from the view of each Faction of Humanity.

I've mentioned two factions already, the third is our own.


And as each story revolves around the machines, each story will be named after the machines.






Let me know what you all think k?




"Everything set?",Kelp asked nervously. It was a cool summer day on the holodeck and yet he was sweating. Sweating rivers. Unsual for a man of his composure. And who could blame him? Today's events could make or break humanities future.

If the circumstances were even slightly different he would have not given a thought towards using such untested and utterly unstable technology. Yet what choice did he have? The circumstances were not different, his hand was being forced.  The recent power outages had lost humanity more than a trillion in investments. Three nuclear fission ships shut down over populated areas, three! If emergency power had not been readily available there would have been a major disaster on their hands. It could have probably decimated the entire eastern border of Mars. There had not been a single casualty as of yet, thank god, but there would be if the situation was not addressed. Man needed more power, and they needed it fast. That was why all major interplanetary organizations had invested a large quantity into this project. There was a lot riding on this project. O\\If it failed...well, that was what he had been hired for wasn't it? To make sure it would not fail.

Kelp's shoulders sagged from the burden he had been carrying for the past decade. It was as if he could actually feel the weight of his responsibility bearing down on him. It hurt. It hurt bad.

Kelp took a deep breath, holding it momentarily. Feeling the cool recycled air slowly turn warm in his mouth.

"Sir, we will be online in an hour. All systems have been activated and I need your authorization to begin final systems check on the Dimensional Trigger," said a nearby techie, apparently unfazed by the drama unfolding around him.

"Authorization Granted, begin system check, and open the windows. The entire System is watching us, we can atleast make it dramatic for them,"whispered Kelp, a ghost of a smile playing on his lips. Than he was serious again. He looked up from his podium and started to speak, in a voice that immediatly got the attention of everyone.

"Gentlemen, i need not tell you that a lot is riding on us tonight. We are the last stand, the last hope in finding an energy source capable of serving humanity for the next millenia. I have worked with each and everyone of you for the past ten years, and i do not doubt your will to succeed. We will not fail. Nay, we cannot fail, for if we do, humanity fails. I am proud to work with you this last night. Let us take one last thought about our responsibilites and begin the process, and emerge as victors" he was now excited, motivated and he could see the same reaction in everyone else. This was it. He slowly turned around as the shades lightened and the windows cleared. He watched as the lights dimmed and heard the collective gasp of his colleagues, as they saw it. The result of their hard work and sacrifice. Neither of them had seen it yet.

A massive runescape of technology, of beauty and awe. It curved with the land with the form and grace of life. It rose from the center with the power and force of a sun. It spiraled thorugh the dunes like a snake basking in the heat. Tendril upon tendril of fibre optics stretched off into horizon, resembling the tentacles of a kraken. The metallic surface bristled with sensors, thin, long and flexible wires that swayed with the wind. Making it seem as if the entire desert was submerged.

And it slowly woke.

All around them, a dead world started moving. Spires thrust up from the Martian sand, majesticallyrising to their highest point, in a perfect ring around the center. Lasers burst from the pinnace in a wave of colors, playing along the base of the structure in magnificent lightshow. Metal plates, of the finest silver, adjusted themselves to face the sky, reflecting the light into auras of magic. Satelittes swivelled around the base of the structure, the brain, in a dance of enlightenment. And slowly, it lifted off the desert floor. Tons of red rusty sand spilt from the nooks and crannies of the half buried machine as it stood up off the martian desert on three gargantuan legs, each the length and width of the Empire State building. It was not a machine anymore. It was a creature from ones most impossible dreams. Yet one could not help feeling protected by its sheer mass. Safe.

A harmonic drone settled over the land as the sun sank below the sand. The A.I. was online.

Artemis was awake.

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