Insanity Personified

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If you had a name for what you see, what would it be?

Submitted: July 12, 2012

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Submitted: July 12, 2012



What creeps into your soul, can also creep into your mind. Those shadows you see, do they move? Do the voices in your head echo like my voice does? Can you hide from me, like you hide from them? Am I simply a ghost to you? Or can you see something more?

Wait! No, don’t run from me! I won’t hurt you; I’ll just stick around and talk to you.

Good, you came back.

I can touch you. Can you feel it? What does my skin feel like? How do I look to you? Am I beautiful like people said I was? Probably not anymore, since you look horrified.

What’s your name? Oh, that’s unique. Mine? I used to be named… I don’t remember what they called me. What do they call me now?

I am Insanity. Welcome to my domain.

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