Sophie (II)

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This story is about Sophie, a teenager with school problems, alcoholism, bully and much more.

Submitted: January 09, 2013

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Submitted: January 09, 2013






So, here we are again, I found your comments very useful, you liked the way I write my story, the things I write about and you asked me to write a bit more about my problems and how I could overcome them.

First after continuing telling you about my life I wanna thanks to ALL of my twitter friends who shared their reaction to the text and the love they feel for me, just thank you guys, you are so amazing! As I said in my other chapters I don’t know what I would do without this people, they are the best in the world!





“Love, love, love”; “All you need is love”; “Love is Amazing”; pff those are such huge lies. I won’t say that it doesn’t exist because it will be a lie too buuuuuuuuut I have to admit that sometimes love hurts a lot.

Everything started on February of a random year when I fell in love with this amazing guy, he is gorgeous, he has a nice body, her eyes are the best I’ve ever seen to be honest and he has a great sense of humor, everything was perfect, I was on the edge of glory literally (thanks Gaga again for another amazing song) but everything changed on my birthday; yes on my birthday! The bastard cheated on me with a girl IN FRONT OF ME! Can you believe it?? I should have killed him ahahaha kidding, I’m better than that.

“It's better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone” so damn true! Now thankfully I’m not unhappy but well, I needed to quote that phrase. I don’t know if you noticed that I always quote songs, phrases or stuff I like, is totally helpful when you are trying to say something and you can’t find the right words or you just don’t know how to express your feelings.




KEEP MAKING ME LAUGH LET’S GO GET HIGH! So yeah well here is the chapter that most of us tweeted me and dm me that you were waiting; yes, my story with drugs and alcohol. Well, everything started when I was 14 more or less in a celebration, Christmas or New Year, I don’t remember well; I tried champagne for the first time to for the toast and I LOVED it, actually is my favorite drink haha. That day changed my future (okay, I sound like a creeper now, sorry), I totally felt in love with the champagne (now I sound like an alcoholic GOOD MEEEE).

I  know you don’t give a shit about a fourteen year old alcoholic but well, I started to scape my house at night (badass lol) and met people who did drugs and drink alcohol, I lied of course and said I was 16 (*shouts* liaaaaaaaaaaaaaar) and they believed me, actually they didn’t give a shit but well, is okay haha, so we started to meet in a park near my house, drink alcohol and do weed; I remember the first time I did weed, goddd it was so fucking weird, I can totally remember how HORRIBLE my hair smelled after do weed haha; then they did more drugs but I stayed with weed until once my mum like smelled my clothes and was like “oh this smells bad, it looks like weed or something” I didn’t know what to do so I lied again and said “no mum, Is not weed haha pfff when I’m going to smoke if I’m always at home” (yeah I’ve always been an antisocial bitch haha) and she believed me.

Well, when I grew up a bit I started with my depression and shit so I did another drugs like cocaine just because I was kinda crazy and I was more stupid than now but well, I felt so upset and angry; I’m totally grateful to all the people I know and the ones who helped me to deal with this shit

Enough with little me; now I’m older and sometimes in parties (yes, now I go to parties alone because yolo and I need an excuse to get drunk and high, good one) and do mdma or something but to do them I have to be extremely drunk, I’m aware that drugs aren’t good at all so please if you are reading this PLEASE don’t do drugs, never ever! Except weed, sometimes is good ahha.

Remember when I tried to kill myself with pills and vodka? Well if you don’t remember here is a little reminder. Since that day I haven’t drink vodka because obvious reasons but now I started to like it again and omg with orange juice it tastes awesome and with skittles is even better oh no, no, wait, with gummy bears GOD I’m having a vodkagasm! (That isn’t even a word eugh)






So this isn’t a chapter, I’m just the writer (oh wow, writer is a big word, staaaph you little kid) I just wanna thanks for your reads, your comments, your messages on twitter and on facebook (I have NO IDEA how you guys figured out my facebook ahha) and just to be clear, I don’t do this to earn money or something like that, I just like to write and I do it another thing Sophie isn’t my real name, is a fictional character and that is her life, is based on my own story, not all the things in MY life were like that, well a few were but it’s everything under control; if you wanna know how was everything in my life just tweet me or ask in my page for asks hahahaha (


Have a wonderful day and I’m working on more episodes, chapters or whatever is this! Love you all





O B V C.

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