The Complex: Ep 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a series I have been developing for what seems like ages. Basically, it is about an apartment complex and all the people who live in it. The first episode introduces Evan who is moving out of a run down house to a new apartment. He views moving into an apartment as a escape mechanism and as enabler for his social dependency. Other character's lives are twisted into Evan's to give him strength, show him compassion, create problems, and change his view on humanity.

I note several songs as listening suggestions to help with the emotional, dramatic and humorous moments in the series. Ideally, I pictured this as a TV show... maybe one day I will see it happen.

Submitted: November 12, 2007

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Submitted: November 12, 2007



The Complex

Episode One: Evan’s Escape


Part of Evan is happy because he is moving into a new apartment tonight. He always had a dream about living in some downtown loft with huge windows, a brick interior, and lots of open space. He used to believe that he would be some socialite with lots of high class friends who would come over for martinis and specially cooked meals.

Truth is he could only afford a one bed room abused and beaten college aimed apartment right in the middle of a college village. He didn’t mind too much about the village part, he thought that would be fun. However, the price was a little too much and it was really close to people he didn’t want to be around. But that’s a different story.

The other part of Evan is freaking out and can only be quieted by a hefty session of weed and video games at Ash’s house. Evan is about to make a serious life changing decision for the second time this year and he’s not prepared. He wonders how things got so messed up. He wonders if things will ever get better. He wonders if he will get out of all this … alive.


Fear and commitment swirl around Evan’s head in cloudy mess of confusion and distress. His mind races as he stairs blankly into Ash’s TV set. He doesn’t pay any attention to the idea being expressed in the show; he only sees colors dancing around a rectangle wrapped in electronic bliss. Of course, the pot doesn’t help.


Ash, a twenty something wrestler, watches Evan slowly slip into the fathoms of a narcotic induced brain storm. He holds pipe as it smolders and watches his confused friend. Ash clears his throat and asks, “When are we going to do this dude?”

Evan stares and cocks his head, “Is Evan here yet?”


Ash doesn’t say anything for a moment, “Um… you are Evan.”


“Oh,” Evan realizes, and looks at Ash, “I mean is Xavier here yet?”

“Not yet, do we have to wait for him?” Ash asks as he hands over the pipe.


Evan takes a long hit and nods. He speaks as smoke billows out his mouth, “I need all the support I can get.”


“Can’t they meet us there?”


“Nope, we need to create a front and then charge in full force,” Evan takes another hit. “She won’t go down without a fight.”


Three months ago Evan moved in with an old girlfriend to try to rekindle a flame that was never really lit to begin with. He was in tough times and needed to relocate as soon as possible and Mandi (emphasis on the end, like ‘man-DI’) needed someone to help pay rent on her derelict house. Seeing as how both were in a state of desperation, they lived together. Happily that is, for about two weeks. Mandi started bringing by shady guys over to make Evan jealous because Evan wasn’t paying enough attention to her because Evan worked too much to pay all the bills that Mandi didn’t seem to have enough money to pay for. Even though she could go out all night and drink until she could no longer how to spell her name or say it for that matter. She even could afford a brand new purse that you could barely fit a dollar bill into, yet it cost five hundred dollars.


Evan was miserable. He started to hang out with co-workers and fake being too drunk so he didn’t have to go home and sleep on the couch and listen to over emphasized fake orgasms that lasted for hours because of all the drugs and alcohol involved. He worked late and went in early. He closed down bars. He was on a first name basis with all of the people who worked in the bars, late night eateries, and fellow bar rats of the college village. He did anything he could to get away from who he believed was the loosest woman in the world. A whale would find his ex-girlfriend loose and Bigfoot would think she was a prize mate. It’s her smell that would… never mind.


So Evan thinks about this as he sits on Ash’s couch while he watches the colors dance, smokes pot, and drowns in self-pity. Then Xavier arrives with Tim.


“Hey…” Xavier, the educated mid-twenties Indie rocker, is cut off.


“Let’s go!” Evan jumps up and rushes out the door.



The house is quiet. There are no lights on and no car in the driveway. Evan surveys the situation from Xavier’s car. He rolls down the window and motions for Tim to drive his truck up to the door.


“Why so cautious?” Xavier asks.


“She’s a witch.” Evan answers.


Xavier coils back at the answer. “Look, man, you need to explain some things because I don’t know what’s going on. It looks like we are about to rob a house. Does Mandi know what you are doing?”




“Why? Are you two fighting?”


“Last night I walked in to see her naked in the living room. With some guy, who had a lot of piercing, was covered in red, and was dressed in some kind of fur.”




“Did I mention the candles, the ram’s head, and big ass dagger?”


Xavier coils back.


“Besides, people move all the time.”


“Not at mid-night”


Evan opens the car door and runs towards the house. Xavier turns the car on and pulls into the driveway. He gets out and notices that Evan has already turned on all the lights and is lifting a bed with Tim. He’s barking orders at Xavier and Ash who follow to the detail. In fifteen minutes everything is packed. Then, a car pulls up. Evan freezes as he drops his backpack and sees Mandi.

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