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Id be unstoppable if Not for the guidelines I have put upon myself after becoming a mother. I have an 8 year old son and a 5 year old daughter; if it wasnt for them I will be God knows sere. Life is so Hard and I have some regrets yetr I can not turn the hands of time so I keep on chuggen like a choo choo train " I think I can IO think I can... tell I CAN!"

lIFE IS TOO sHORT AND gRUDGES ARE A WASTE OF PERFECT HAPPINESS. lAUGH WHEN YOU CAN APOLOGIZE WHEN YOU SHOULD AND LET GO OF WHAT YOU CANT CHANGE. yOU GOT mONEY WELL gOOD FOR YOU ARE YOU bROKE NO WORRRIES... DO WHAT U CAN with what you got fill your soul with joys of memories..Be the change you wished and dreamed to be cuz change will arise. Imagination is the eye of the soul and your soul will live forevermore just accept change and come clost to your own heart before accepting another with desire to love your great heart.Inner beauty shall speak up for you not the outter one no matter what.

Submitted: July 11, 2012

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Submitted: July 11, 2012



i CANT ESCAPE THIS hELL! So many times I ve tried but Im still caged up inside. Somebody anybody GET ME THROUGH this Nightmare.. Help me Believe its not the Real ME! This sight of what Ive become...

Have you ever been related to losing self-respect, and/or losing something we wanted or expected? For instance I? Who am I? Where did I go? Why? When? How...?I cant explain myself at all. I dont want to need at All! Maybe its best Im left Alone!A weight will be lifted but wait others will carry it...What to do?What to do?

I want to know what io ACHE FOR, and if Ill ever dream of meeting my Hearts longing. I want to know if I can touch the center of my own Sorrow being that Ive shrinked and closed Myself to Fear of Hitten Rock Bottom.... Lift me Up take these shackles of my ankles...Im drowning in the Ocean of my own Sea...Im not floating I m trying to swim yet this weight PULLS ME DooooooooooooooWWWwwwNnnnnnnnnnnnnn...

I want to know and I want to know before its to late. What sustains me from the inside, when all is falling around me. I want to know if Im left alone by myself and if Truly I will like the company Myself gives keeps me in the empty moment or will fill that spot.

Written with all intentions like a Poem is a place where one can, one should talk about everything and just about anything; its a Hubub of conversations; you jump from one thing to another than another with no ending. I am that whose brain is scattered aimlessley.

Is this Hell the throw of punches living life with death?Right! Left! Win! Lose! You court the End? You call this life?

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