Rainfalls Represents a Million teardrops

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How a heart feels when its all alone or broken in a million pieces.

Submitted: November 09, 2011

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Submitted: November 09, 2011



The tears of a broken heart always cries

Out; every rainfall represents a million

Teardrops that you caused. As the teardrops

Race down the side of our faces, you can see each

Memory that we had together. Now that the memories

We shared are flowing out of my eyes, the scar you

Left behind is slowly closing as the time goes by.

Tears of a broken heart is scared until we meet the

Person that can fix the scar. Then while our hearts are

In the process of healing, just a small little thing can

Simulate the rainfall, the gray clouds that sits on top of our

Aching hearts. In this time period our hearts are fragile.

We will think that the person we come across is going to be

Too good to be true. When we're alone we intend on thinking

About the past, about the pain you caused us, then the rainfall


From the distance of the rainfall we see a hand, a hand

That stops the rainfall on its path; and our first response,

"Please make this rainfall stop. At this moment you are the

Only one who can stop the violent rainfall go away."

By they smile and is shielding us from the tears of a broken

Heart, the rainfall stops in the path of destroying the scared heart.

Now the tears of a broken heart is left without a job. So now know

That every rainfall represents a million teardrops from a broken heart.

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