This a just a small part of a monologue. These are the thoughts that come into my mind sometimes. Hope you enjoy it!

A Monologue

Do you know what is one of the worst feelings in the world? It is that feeling when you really want to hate someone, but you can’t; that feeling when you want to forget someone but you just can’t! You love that someone so much that it is just next to impossible to hate. You don’t want her in your life but you feel a void in your life without her. It is that feeling when you don’t even know when you started to feel like this but you know that it is not going to end.

I don’t even get it. I don’t know why someone would make you feel so special about yourself, will make your life so sweet, and then just disappear from your life; Poof and Gone! Gone, Gone away…not too far yet just too far from your life.

Dream, Dream big you fool!

You’re the king of the world

And you have a Queen

With whom you’ll enjoy the rest of your life,


The Queen is just like ashes of burnt paper

A small wind blows,

Poof and Gone!

Now, who do you miss more!

The Queen or your Dream?


The problem is not the queen or the dream, the problem is ‘’The Queen’ in the ‘Dream’’ and the ‘’Dream’ of ‘a Queen’’. The world is just like this. Life goes on and on.

And, if you want to know more, I tell my friends that now I won’t accept her even if she herself comes to me and apologize. I genuinely think so, I won’t be staying with her after all she has done to me. I have too much ego to be together with her again. But, at the same time, some part of me wants to be with her, wants her; not to apologize, but just come to me, just talk with me, just like those good old days.







Submitted: February 16, 2021

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