Heaven, Hell, or what else

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Some deep thinking about Christianity

Submitted: April 04, 2011

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Submitted: April 04, 2011



The concept of hell. In a normal person's mind they would think of it as the bad place where you go if you turn away from God in sin. However there is a whole in the christian story. God is all powerfull and all loving. I have heard people preach the Big Truth (That God loves all of us uncondtionally and irretrivably) but then why hell. If God loved us enough to send his only son to die for us!!! Then why is hell there. Ok so people turn away from God, but if they don't apologize in reconciliation they go to hell? If God realy did love us without conditions then why would he put the conditions of only being able to spend eternal life with him if we follow him. In my mind unconditonal love is not I love you if you do what i say.

Now Here is the argument i will probably recieve....God wants to love him back by doing what he asks. In my mind this is still a condition. He will accept you back if you repent. So he only will accpet you if you apologize otherwise you will not be aloud to be with him for an eternity? Im sure there are many more of these.

Here is my opinion of "Hell". If God is actually a supreme being who loves us unconditionally then hell dose not exist. Lets say he still loves us if we turny away from him but we need to be prepared to spent time an eternity with him. So in my theory "hell" is a place where we are prepared to meet with God aka purgatory. What you do during your life affects your time in purgatory. So if you are a mass murderer your time is longer and after you fully comprehend that that was not God's intention for you he takes you back HOWEVER he never stops loving you in this time. Purgatory can be compared to like a rehab. Depending what you did depends on your time. During this time God is anxiously watching over you like he dose while you were alive. And once he thinks youve been healed he embraces you and you can feel all! of God's love that can be offered completley fufilling his supreme love.

Now what purgatoy actually is i havn't had time to think about yey but it will come later

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