Ocean Lynne

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This is a story about a girl named Ocean. She becomes the center of attention when she gets kidnapped. And her story begins now.

Submitted: August 07, 2011

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Submitted: August 07, 2011



I woke with a start. The nightmare tonight was just too much to bear. I was running through Herriman High. From what, I really dont know. I just know I was running and I couldn't breathe. "Mom!" I screamed. My mother came in my room, her blonde hair in a pony tail. "What is it, Ocean?" she said frantically. She started touching my face, seeing if I was hurt. "I had another nightmare..." I trailed off as I look into my mom's horror-filled blue eyes.
"What happened in this one?" she asked, truly scared. I was suppose to take pills to stop my cronic nightmares. I hadn't taken them for about a month, thinking my nightmares had stopped. But they hadn't so I knew that we had to take a trip to the doctor's in the morning. While mom tried to calm down, I explained what had happened. Every time I brought up dad, her eyes became glassy. My dad had left us when I was six and my mom was taking it badly.
"Well, Ocean. Looks like we need to get to Dr. Lotis right away. Get up and get dressed. I'll call him as soon as I can, okay?" she promised. I nodded and got out of bed to find my favorite shirt and jeans. After putting my clothes on, I grabbed my phone to check for messages. I had two of them from my best friend, Calley.

Ocean! Duud! Im free! No more groundings! Call me A.S.A.P! Come get me, 2! Plz!! -Calley
Uhmm, Ocean? Come get me! Need 2 b away! Xoxox! -Calley

I laughed when I read the messages. She never wanted to be near her twin brother, or her little sister. "Mom, can we get Calley on the way?" I yelled down the stairs. "If you get your sister up, then yes!" she yelled back. I walked to my twin sister's room turned on the light.
"Faith, you need to get up. We have to go see Dr. Lotis again," I said, shaking her. She groaned and turned over. "Goddess sakes, Faith! Get up!" I yelled and shook her again. "Im up, alright? Why do we have to go see Lotis? More nightmares?" she asked. I nodded and walked out of her room.

Mom said we culd get u. B ready wen we get there. Hav 2 go 2 Dr. L's agen. -Ocean

I sent the message and walked into the bathroom. I brushed my jet black hair and but black eyeliner around my blue eyes. My mom always said that she named me Ocean because of my eyes. They were the color of the Carribian. I finished getting ready and went to check on Faith. Her blonde hair was pulled up into a bun and her blue eyes sparkled in the light of her pink-filled room. "Faith! Ocean! Lets go, girls!" my mom said, grabbing her cell phone. We both ran down the stairs and I grabbed my iPod and my iPod touch. Faith grabbed her cell phone and her book.
"So are we getting Calley or what?" Faith asked, looking bored. I nodded and texted Calley again.

Calley? B ready. We'r on our way. -Ocean
Im ready. I have bags for a weeks stay with U if that's OK. -Calley
Ya its OK. Mom wont care. We hav 2 go 2 Dr. Lotis' tho. -Ocean
Damn! I H8 UR nightmares. They scare the shit out of me N I dont even hav them! -Calley
Ya, I kno. :( I H8 them 2... -Ocean

I put my phone in my pocket and ran to Calley's door. Knowing I didn't have to knock, I just walked inside. "Calley, lets bug! I can't be late for this appointment!" I yelled, looking around. Her living room was always the same. The couch to the far left corner, huge double doors on the right, leading into Calley's room. Calley walked out of the kitchen in her blue skinny jeans and a black top. Her brown hair had more blonde highlights in them then the last time I had seen her. "What the hell?" I asked, grabbing a strand of blonde. She just smiled and held up a bag. "Lets bounce!" she said in a gangster voice. I laughed and we walked out the door.
"So the nightmares are starting again?" Calley asked, genuenly concerned. I nodded and turned away. I hated what the nightmares did to me. I would wake up, drenched with sweat and the loss of sleepwas really starting to take a toll on my beauty. My phone started ringing. "This one's for you and me, living out our dreams. We're all right where we should be..." Bruno Mars sang. I looked at the caller I.D. My face scrunched up in confusion when I realised it was Faith's boyfriend, Josh.
"Hello?" I said into the reciever.
"Hi, is Faith there?" he asked.
"Umm, yeah. Why couldn't you call her phone?" I snapped.
"I dont know. I'll text you, okay? Bye," he said, then it was quiet. Faith looked at me like I was trying to steal Josh away from her. No doubt, he was a good looking guy but he wasn't my type. My type was my boyfriend, Kyler. We'd been together for almost a year now. I decided to text him.

Hi boo. We hav a prob. Txt me as soon as u can. 4evr X's & o's! -Ocean

I sent the message and sat back. I grabbed my headphones from the pocket on the door and put them in my ears. Andy Sixx's voice flodded my system. My phone vibrated in my lap. Feeling hopeful, I looked at the phone. But it wasn't Kyler. It was Josh. I opened the message. It wasn't like Josh to text me. He pretty much hated me for pushing him in a locker during school. But for him to text me was just out of the ordinary.

Hi Ocean. I know it's weird for me to be texting you but I know something about you... -Josh
Huh? Wat do u mean, u kno sumthin? WAT DID FAITH TELL U!? -Ocean
She didn't tell me anything.. -Josh
Then wat do u kno?? -Ocean
I know you aren't a virgin. Kyler's brother, Lewis, is telling everyone. -Josh
Ya o well 4 me? idc, josh. bye. o & faith wants u 2 txt her. -Ocean

I sent the last message and turned my phone all the way down to silent. I didn't see what Faith saw in Josh. He was a lost cause. We finally pulled into Dr. Lotis' driveway. Mom got out of the car and opened the van's door for Calley and I. Hand in hand, Calley and I walked to the door. I knocked three times and waited while mom got her purse. "See you had alot of moments that didn't last forever.." Lil Wayne sang from Calley's phone. It was to her ear in half a second.
"This is Calley. What be poppin'?" she said into the receiver. I could hear her brother on the other line.
"Hi. Its Brody. Maddi is crying. What do I do?"
"Oh my God, Brody. Feed her, change her, give her the damn pink binkie. Just make her stop before mom wakes up. Dumb ass!" she yelled.
"Oh. Okay. I knew that. Thanks," he hung up.
She put her phone in her pocket and mumbled something rude. I laughed and Dr. Lotis answered the door. His green eyes were dark and his brown hair, shimmering. Mom's knees always turned to jelly when he smiled. "Ocean Lynne Farleen. How are you?" he said, holding the door open for us to walk in. His house was so big and clean.
"My nightmares are back, and worse then ever.

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