A Cat Story - prologue

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cats.....typical me.....

Submitted: February 17, 2012

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Submitted: February 17, 2012



The two cats turned a corner around the alleyway, keeping their yellow eyes straight forward. They were not kin, but very close, and they were both tabbies – gray to be exact. Their belly fur sagged, drenched from wandering out directly under the rain for two days straight. The two cats’ eyes were slanted, but determined. Their paws scratched from the rough streets of the city. “Have you ever heard of city mice?”, said the girl cat, her mouth widening into a grin. “Yes, they’re supposed to be fat, large, and relatively lazy”, said the boy cat, letting out a small puff of air from his mouth, indicating that he had no care for the subject, but he kept his ears angled in his friends’ direction, for she always lifted his spirits, no matter what she spoke about. “Not what I heard from Old Danny, do you remember that funny old cat? He looked just like a fat fox!”, Eve gave a cat-like laugh. CC purred. “Yes I do remember the old chap”, he meowed. Eve nodded and went on. “Old Danny said that city rats are supposed to be feral, mean, and muscular. You were right about them being large, CC”, there was a slight shaky sound in Eves’ voice when she described Old Danny’s version of city rats. CC stopped, motioning with his tail to Eve that she stop too, then he turned to face her, giving her a look of concern. “You’re not scared, are you?”, He asked her. Eves’ eyes wandered up to the top of the brick building that towered over them. “I’m not frightened because of that, I was just wondering, what if we can't find a home again? What will become of us but just two alley cats wandering along the endless streets of the city?"

CC stepped forward and pressed his nose to Eve's. "We will find a home. We will find humans that will not give us up like our former humans - and the ones before them. We will not be left behind any longer", he said. Eve nodded and thanked CC with a soft, mewing sound. The two walked on into the night, searching for the apartments where CC promised their home to be.

Authors Note:

ok so i'm having a difficult time trying to figure out what happens next.....i get writers block easily and so i just can't decide on what to do....

please comment and give me some ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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