My love, my life, my ending silence

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What it feels like to love someone who does nothing but abuse you. I dedicate this poem to all the abuse and battered women that I have grown to know through my healing from sexual and physical abuse caused by an ex partner. Not many of us make it out alive,it's not as cut and dry as you would assume.

Submitted: June 22, 2012

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Submitted: June 22, 2012



Oh love, 

What love,

he see's me as a beauty,

I am a gem.


Oh days, 

what days, 

we stay in bed all day and make love, 

I am his queen.


Oh nights,

what nights,

we argue over little things,

I am a bitch.


Oh months, 

what months,

I am confined to the house because I am bruised,

I deserved it


Oh minutes,

what minutes,

he says he's sorry and he won't hit me again,

I am safe


Oh hours,

what hours,

he forces himself inside me while I scream and beg him to stop,

I can't say no


oh life,

what life,

this is no life for me to live and no way for me to survive,

I am strong.


oh thought,

what thought,

no more of this because I can do better for myself

I am leaving


oh time,

what time,

if only I would have left long ago,

I can't leave


oh pain,

what pain,

this pain from the beating is getting worse and he won't stop now,

I am numb


Oh end,

what end,

his eyes are gleaming in madness as he hacks at me with this knife,

I can feel it all


Oh sadness,

what sadness,

my mother cries as she buries her daughter 

I was innocent 


Oh eternity,

what eternity,

he's rotting in a cell in a dark dank prison,

I was avenged, too bad it was too late.

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