It`s a dog`s life

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Wake up having changed identity with a dog Is it a good thing

Submitted: December 18, 2017

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Submitted: December 18, 2017



I must be dreaming, Surely I am. I admit lying snuggly in front of a blazing open fire with the crackling and spitting of glowing logs is indeed very comfortable, but it is a bit concerning that I am trouble saying any words. Not to worry enjoy while I can. "Move from there you idle mutt," accompanied by a sharp dig into my ribs has certainly attracted my attention. I look to see who is responsible and stare in amazement, It is me !!! Well, that can`t be, but something called pain encourages me to move anyway. Why am I shouting at me? Am I looking in a mirror? A quick run to the bathroom will sort this out but why are my four limbs all hitting the floor? I remember giving the birthday present of a litre bottle of finest brandy good tasting, So logic tells me I am within a dream or perhaps a nightmare. Jumping onto the bathroom basin confirms I have changed. I am a long haired scruffy canine beast, But how? Having an early Christmas start on the nectar appears to have semi comatised myself. Time to go back to sleep; it will be all back to normal when I awake. "Come on Dopey, time to stretch those scrawny legs." It is me again talking to me! Surely I have not called me Dopey? It is getting very confused this nightmare I am having. After a reluctant drag through the door into a freezing overcast morning, I am outside. What am I doing here with me pulling both ends of the lead? I don`t fancy this much I had just gotten warm and was looking forward to my dinner. He has this lead tight around my neck, I can hardly breathe. "Go get it, boy." I spot a ball disappearing into the distance. Why has he thrown it that far for? He does not realise I have been awake most of the night, scratching and trying to get just that little bit more food off that cold plate. He needs to up my rations or I will go on a "Go slow day," Not that I know any other speed. Little does he realise that I am into my seventies, Ok only ten years old to him but I am in my ready to retire days. I suppose I had better fetch it if only to warm up a little. After a route around in the long grass, I eventually find the ball and return it to my master. "Good boy," and a small reward of chicken. I can live with that, quick throw that ball. I like the idea of rewards but after a dozen "Go get it, boy," it`s getting a bit tiring; Time for a change of pace. I decide to take my time and get my breath back, there will always be another time. In the distance I spy a couple of four legged counterparts, I`ll just pop over to them and have a sniff around. Much to the annoyance of my"Master," I shoot off to see what they are up to. I am instantly rewarded with a titbit and praise from their owners, perhaps my owner should take notice, He might get a more positive response from me. Little did I know they are keeping me occupied till my master catches up with me. A flash of rope and a sharp tug quickly bring me to my senses, I have been ensnared by my own greed and find myself on a short tight lead. "Still ignoring you on the recall I see." some wise guy sneering at my master. "Yes he is due for the chop next week, hopefully, that will slow him down." Of course, going through my brain is the thought of a delicious pork chop, What do I know. "Bit old to mess with him ain`t it?" Cheeky sod I`m in my prime. After a bit of fuss and a sniff around my canine friends, it is time for the obligatory drag back to the house and a full plate of chicken and biscuits. Perhaps a dog`s life is not too bad.

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