What await me in the other world.

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The mind of a killer is what you'll see in this short story.

Submitted: April 26, 2016

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Submitted: April 26, 2016



“Why, why are you doing this!”She yelled “PLease answer me you monster, cold heartless demon tell me why are you doing this to me?” She asked

Standing over the chained up woman a  figure smiled and said “Because I can.” The figure smiled and set the woman a blaze. Standing  so close to the flames being illuminated looking as the woman became twisted and her skin became hard as rock. All the while the figure stood there smiling ear to ear laughing so loud the air shook.The flames died down leaving the hard burned  remains of the woman behind on the hard cement floor. The figure put its hand on the corpse's face and its smile went away and the straight face figure said “ Now what do I do, now I suppose I’ll find a new friend.”


7:30 am a girl wakes  up in her room and looks out at a cloudy sky. She rolls over and looks at her phone but there are no miss calls no messages to be seen from anyone. She gets out of bed and heads to the shower .She fills the tub and floats in it watching as the water get higher and higher. She fills the tub with bubbles and sees her reflection in the soap. She gets out and sees her little dog bright eyed and happy to see her.She smiles  and holds him close. The clock sounds off it’s 7:49am she walked to a bedroom door she turns the  knob but it doesn’t open. Sigh “I’m leaving I’ll be back later goodbye mom and dad.”She says. There is no answer she looks at the door and then walks away.She gets into her car and drives to school.The she parked and hurried inside the school building.She crept into the classroom and sat in the back by her friends. She smiled at them and they smiled back, she listens as they talked about their love life and other things but she didn’t really care. She still smiled and nodded in agreement with everything they said not knowing what it was they were saying.  The bell rang class was over it was time to go to the next class where a different set of friends awaited her arrival.


She sat with them  but the interactions were all the same no matter who it was with. She didn’t care what they were saying to her yet she smiled and nodded her head  as if to say “I’m listening “ the day went on and every class was the same ,boring it was time for lunch now . She walked to the park by the school alone and sat by the lake watching the bird. “Hello.” A voice said


She turned to see a boy standing behind her “Hello.” She replied

“Are you alone?” He asked

“Yes.”She answered

The boy sat beside her as she looked out over the lake “You have beautiful eyes.”He said

“I do?’ She asked

“Yes, by the way my name is Izica what’s yours?” He asked

“Safire, it’s nice to meet you Izica.”She said

He watched her as she continued to look out over the lake “Why don’t you look at me ?” He asked

“Because I came here to see the lake.” She replied. Her phone alarm went off and she knew it was time to get back to school for her final class ,she stood up from the bench and began walking back to the school.With her back turned she waved goodbye as she got further and further away from the boy. She got back to the school and greeted her friends with a smile on her  face. She sat in the back by the window and stared out of  it the entire class. The final bell rang and she stood and smiled at her friends as she waved good bye. She made her way back to the car and drove home. She walked into the house where she was greeted by her little dog and she smiled and warm smile. She looked at the kitchen and saw the pile of dishes in the sink. She walked over and rolled up her sleeves and began washing the dishes.She thought of the boy she met at the park and she wondered what he was doing there. She finished washing the dishes then made herself a bowl of cereal. She walked to her room and turned on the Tv , she sat on her bed and ate as she flipped from channel to channel.She laid on her bed and closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. BEEP BEEP BEEP, she opened her eyes and saw it was 7:30am .She lay in bed staring at the ceiling and reached for her phone. No missed call or message to be seen, she turned on her TV to channel 12 news. She heard the reporter say “Yet another burned body found this morning in a supermarket parking lot. The killer placed the body in the middle of the parking lot propped up against a shopping cart with a smiled carved into the body’s face.” She changed the channel and sat in bed looking at the clock.She wondered if she really had to go to school today. She got out of bed and walked over to her parents bedroom door. “I’m not going to school today but I won’t be home either!” She yelled

There was no reply, she looked at the door knob and thought about opening it but she couldn’t. She got dressed and walked out with her dog following close behind her.They walked to the park as she sat on a bench with her dog laying at her feet. She felt the breeze on her face and she could smell life around her. “Alone again.” Said a voice.

“No, not alone I’m with him.” She said pointing at her dog

“Oh, would you mind if I joined you ?’ he asked

“I don’t mind.” She replied He sat beside her and looked over the lake  “What is it you see when you look over the lake?” He asked

“My accomplishments, my goals,everything I could do,will do , and have done.” She answered

“You see all that in the lake?” He asked

“Yep, just beneath the surface floating somewhere in the middle.” She replied

“Would you like to know what I see?” He asked

“Sure.”she replied

“I see misfortune and madness, do you want to know why?” He asked

“Yes.” she  said  turning from the lake to look at the boy.

“I see that because I can.” He replied with a smile

She looked at the boy and realized she never really looked at him the first time they met.She looked at his black hair and silver eyes. She looked at his big smile and white teeth as well as his pale skin. “Is that so.” She said with interest in her voice.

He nodded his head and smiled “Now are you interested in talking with me?” He asked

“Perhaps, you are more interesting than I had thought.” She said looking into his cold grey eyes.

She looked back over the lake but this time she smiled and she felt a warm feeling fill her body. “Do you want to go somewhere?” He asked

She nodded her head as the both stood and he took her hand in his and led her away from the bench. He led her to a big house on a hill with a huge gate that opened for them as they walked in.  They walked into the huge house where a maid was waiting at the door for them. “Hello young master.”she said

He smiled  and walked up the stairs with Safire close behind him. He walked her into his room and closed the door. “How old are you?” He asked


“17,how old are you?” She asked

“17,how strange,” He replied

“Tell me, will you be a new friends ?”She asked

“Sure, why not.” he said

She looked up at him as she sat on the bed, He pushed her down and climbed on top of her. He rested his hand on her cheek “my room is sound proof so you can scream all you want but no one will hear you.”He said looking down into her eyes.

“I knew it , you are my new friend .”She said smiling ear to ear as she raised up and  kissed him.

The boy smiled and fell to the side of the bed “Why can’t I move my body?” He asked.

She smile  and sat up on the bed “ what shall we do to pass the time my friend?” She asked

“What do you mean?” He asked

Smiling she pulled out a blade from under her shirt and climbed on top of him “Why don’t I show you my art skills.” She said cutting open his shirt and pressed the blade ever so  gently against his chest “Shall we begin.” She said dragging the blade across his bare skin painting his chest red. The more she cut the more he screamed and the more he screamed the more she cut and the more her smile grew. “Please, if you kill me now they’ll know it was you.” He said

“Oh, I see well then things are going to get interesting.” She replied cutting away at his chest .

She cut open his chest all the while he lay screaming unable to run or fight back. “ Isn’t this what you wanted?” She asked

“Why would I want this?” He replied

“You spoke of madness, well I will show you true madness so when you die haunt me and I will show you all the things I can do and will do and have already done.” She said looking down at him with deep dark eyes filled with madness. The boy showed panic in his eyes as he stared at the demon in front of him. He watched as she reached into his chest and he felt as she gripped his heart. His mind became cluttered with thoughts of panic and pain then he thought of nothing as he watched his still beating heart in the hands of another.


She held his heart in her hand and looked at it begin to fade. She carved a smile on  his face and thought god commands that you smile. She put his heart in her pocket and walked towards the door and said “I hope your watching.” As she opens the door and calls for the maid.

The maids walked up the stairs and into the room, she sees the boy laying on his bed . His chest cut open and an empty cavity where his heart should be. She fell to her knees splashing blood all over her clothes. She heard the door close behind her and she saw her standing there with the blade in her hand. Tears began to pour from her eyes as she prayed to god.”There is no need to pray to god for I am already here but I have no mercy.” She said as she took the blade and slit her throat. Blood sprayed on to  her  like a showered as she rubbed it all over her body.She began to laugh as she looked at what she had done, but then her smile went away as she realized her fun was over. She took  a book of matches out of her pocket and lit the room on fire with both bodies inside. Then she closed the door, walked down the stairs and out the gates looking at each camera as she left say “I hope your watching.” She walked to the bench in the park where her dog waits for her. She took his heart and threw it into the lake and watched as it sunk down to meet the others and join her collection. She looked at her dog and said “Let's go home.”


She arrived home and filled the bathtub with water and got in it. She sat there and watch as the bubbles turned red and smirked thinking of what awaits her tomorrow.She got out the tub and went straight to bed wrapped in a towel. The next morning she woke with a smile, she got dressed and packed her bag filled with sleeping gas and explosives. She strapped her blade to her side and a pistol in her boot.She grabbed chains and collars and placed them in her bag all the while laughing and smiling. She hurried to school and was the first person in class. She watched as more and more people filled the room and smiled. When everyone was there she walked to the door and closed it. She put on her gas mask and filled the room with gas and watched as one by one they dropped to the floor.She placed collars around their necks and chained them to one another. She sat on the desk waiting for them to wake from their peaceful sleep.


After a few minutes she saw as they began to open their eyes and become horrified by what they seen.They pulled at their chains and tried taking off the collars but they couldn’t they didn’t have the key.She  couldn’t help herself she began laughing, so hard that she fell off the desk and everyone froze and looked at her. She got up and sat back on the desk and looked at everyone “Hello everyone, how are you feeling?”She said

“What is this?”The teacher asked

“Entertainment of course.” She replied

“This isn’t funny.”the teacher replied

“I’m not joking.”she said

The teacher got up walked towards her and made a fist and got ready to punch her. Once up close she pulled out her blade and placed it against his throat. “Not so fast” she said “Take a seat everyone or say good bye to teacher .” she demanded


Everyone sat on the floor facing her “Let's play the safire game.” She said

“What's that  ?”asked a boy

“I’m going to ask questions about me and I want to see who knows God.” she answered

She could feel the fear in the room  coming from every pore in their skin. “Where was god born?”She asked

“Egypt.” A girl answered

“Wrong god was born in New Mexico.” She said “It's punishment time now .” she said walking over the the girl. She took out the pistol from her boot and shot the girl in the head spraying her brains all over the kids behind her. “Next question, does god love anyone?” She asked with a smile.

The room fell silent “Someone answer or another lam will die.” She said

“ Yes, you are a teenage girl so yes you have.” Said a boy in the back of the room. She walked over to him and got down to his eye level. She put the pistol up to his chin and smiled “Correct !” she yelled startling the boy. “Now, is he alive is the question?” She said

“Yes.” said the boy. She knelt down and smiled and placed her hand on his shoulder “ Wrong answer.” She sang then put a hole in his head. “ If I’m being honest I didn’t know him for long before he died but I fell in love with him. Then he was killed but I should tell you guys I killed him yesterday. It was magical  unlike any of the others making art with him almost made me want to let him live.” She explained walking back to the desk.

She looked out of the faces filled with despair and regret and it gave her a warm feeling inside. “This is true madness then.” a voice said

Without thinking she said “yes isn’t it  beautiful?” She asked

“It  just like you .” said the voice

She turned to see him standing beside her “You're haunting me then.” She said

“Yep, just like you told me to.” He replied

“Keep watching but I have more madness to give.” She said as she stood in front  of her classmates. She looked out at them and said “ I’m going to make you all worship me in ways you never have.” She grabbed a chain and dragged two students to the front of the  room. “Which one of you wants to live more?” She asked

The girl looked at the boy she was chained to and began sobbing as she saw him raise his hand. “I do.” He said

“Then kill her with your bare hands, dig into her chest take her heart and hand it to me.” She said

“I can’t do that .” He said

“Alright , girl you have the same option or you die by my hands.” She explained

The boy crawled in front of the girl “Leave her alone  we could never do that .” He said


Safire smiled as she saw the girl take the chain and wrap it around his neck. He began to panic and he broke free. “I’m sorry I just want to live.” The sobbing girl said

The boy filled with rage began to smash her face with his fist in his blind fury hitting her until his fist was bloody.he keeps going until he sees she's not moving anymore. “Her heart give me her heart!” She yelled

The boy looked at the girl and began to cry he screams  he digs into her chest and rips out her heart and hands it to Safire. He sees what he has done and vomits onto the girl's body and passes out.

Clap clap! “What a show I hope you all can perform like that because that was amazing to watch.”

“You're a monster!” Yelled the teacher

“No, I’m god” She said her foot on the his head smashing it against the ground “and you will worship me.” She replies

She began coughing and she spit up black blood and spit it on the floor inches away from his face. “ What is that?”The teacher asked

“It's me, I’m rotting from the inside and soon I’ll be leaving this world and moving on to the next.” She replied

“Yeah, to hell.” He said

“No, I almost died once I breathed in too much smoke and when I was at the gates of hell they denied me entry same for heaven then I awoke here.Like  I said I’m a god” she replied putting more pressure on his head. “This is boring” she said she lifted her foot from his head and sat him up. “Who do you like the least besides me?” She asked

“Mr.T.”He answered

“From classroom 202.” Replied

“Yeah, he's a jerk.” He replied

“Well, he’s dead.” She replied

“What do you mean?” He asked

“Well while you guys were dreaming I set off explosives in each of the classrooms killing everyone inside. I couldn’t have them walking in on our fun so they’re dead. No doudt the cops are on there way but I put explosives in the street too.So it’s going to take them sometime to get here,I’m really pleased with myself.” She said

“When they get here then what?” He asked

“Then I die  and see what await me in the other world .”She said


“How many have you killed?” He asked

“So many , to many to count but it isn’t enough it will never be enough.”She said raising the pistol. I need more and more each time I do it I need more.She shoots and kills 4 students behind the teacher.”Just like that.” She replied

She sits everyone in a circle facing one another and she took out her blade. “ I was born sick they all knew it but and turned a blind eye to what I was.” She said walking around the circle “ It’s coming back to me the first people I marked were my  mom and dad.They feared me since the day I was born and I knew. They always said Together we are strong so I made them stronger than they’ve ever been. I didn’t want them to hurt so I put them to sleep first then I cut them in half and sewed the two halves together so that they’d be together forever.It was so long ago that I had forgotten that it even happened.”She explained as she stopped behind one girl. She placed her hand on her head and cut her throat open. “Yes, it's all coming back to me that's when I found my dog. He was the only one who was never afraid of me, he stayed by me day and night .He waits me for even now but today I won’t be coming home. I hope he won’t be too sad” she stops again and slits the throat of a young man. She went round and round cutting throats at random. Forcing everyone to watch in horror of knowing they might be next as they watch the life leave the eyes of there friends. “Tell me teacher, before today did you even know my name?” she asked

He nodded yes but she didn’t believe him. “I wish that were true but all gods know the truth and I know you're  a liar.” She said .Only four students and the teacher remained in the room with her. “Do you know why I want hearts?’ She asked

“No.” he replied

“Because I never had one, I’m empty inside and if I can’t have  heart why should you?”She replied

She walked over to the last girl in the room and sat beside her. “You probably have a beautiful heart.” She said as the girl began to cry. “I’m tired now to weak to go  on  so I think I’ll leave now and die while watching my collection.” she said walking out of the room.

She made her way through the remains of the school building and to the park where she sat on the bench. She closed her eyes and when she opened them he was there sitting next to her like he once had. The lake was red and looking in it she could see all the faces of those whose lives she took. “So this is where I am to stay?” She said

“Yeah, just you and me .” He replied

She smiled as they sat there and looked out over all her accomplishments.

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