Dirty Laundry (My Mix)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic
This was inspired by Kelly Rowland Dirty Laundry sing this is just my mix of it, telling my story.

Submitted: November 19, 2013

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Submitted: November 19, 2013



A father teaches his daughter how to love

Maybe that's why I don't love enough

The mother is supposed to set the example

Maybe that's why I don't trust

You probably wouldn't trust either when every man your mom has been with fell the need to lay their hands on her

When you dreamed about killing your step father every night

It seems like just yesterday I was holding that hammer in my hand trying to protect us

When your only love was born a crack baby because his crack head ass daddy couldn't get off the pipe

When you want revenge, want every man to pay for when you were helpless

Watching your mother become black and blue

When you got frustrated watching your mother fight everyday

When confusion was always in the air at home 

When being on the edge tip toing around the monster just in case he explodes was normal

When you had bags packed every day but couldn't run away

When you can't feel pain anymore

Just numb

I swear ya'll don't understand half the bullshit I went through

But who really wants to hear it anyway?

When you had to abort the baby at the age of 16 but your birthday was two days ago so that made you pregnant at 15

Meanwhile the father couldn't keep his hands off you, would've beat the child out of you anyway

Hitting you like you was his opponent

Like a life cycle of your mothers pain punching you in the face

When you oaked in your own blood to long

What's next?

When all hope is lost in you

Off the record, you probably screamed rape 100x but nobody listened

You just weren't loud enough

White enough

11 metal in my hand to protect myself, now metal to my head can't help myself

Hiding this shit form ya mama like those boys in ya closet at 14

Time to let all those skeletons fall out of ya closet

Yeah, Timmy, Trae, Dashawn, Woody, Zay, and them

When you never seen a superman or just a man you should trust

Never could you, she, I, me forget those nights

These nights

Making pain look so good it never wears out


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