No Voice

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This is a poem for you, me, anyone who has ever been afraid to say how they feel. Just too afraid of the outcome. Notice how in the middle of the poem I switch it from it happening to me to the reader.
Or you can also understand it as in the middle I'm becoming fake to where it's me talking about the fake me.
Hope you enjoy

Submitted: August 14, 2008

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Submitted: August 14, 2008



I was born with no voice

no choice

no definition of noise

I seemed so still

not in will

yet my conscience could kill

too real, it

was so strong you could feel it

you knew in that instant

nothing could conceal it

my feelings and thoughts

became knots

stuck in my throat

yet in my mind they float

unable to cease

they grow and increase

anger and pain

my throat begins to strain

there's only so much you can obtain

the mind is so strong

but it's tiring when lifelong

your feelings are all wrong

how tempting to release

yet so difficult to cease

Your words can hurt,

can cause unease

and all your worries

then can increase

outweigh the words, confined

in your mind

unable to unwind

you're pressure builds high

you're living a lie

its now so easy

you don't even have to try

goodbye, old self

I bid you farewell

it was a voice you once needed

now it's everything else

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