A Broken Wing

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Melody and April had been friends for a long time, and things changed when they continued their study. I think there's some grammatic error and many more errors, please comment anyway. Onegai.

Submitted: July 21, 2008

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Submitted: July 21, 2008



“April!!” the petite raven haired girl shouted from across the road. Another girl instantly smiled widely and waved back at her. She was just a fragment taller than the petite girl, with wavy black locks tied into a ponytail behind her back. The wavy haired girl was all covered with mud and wet starch, and she smell like decomposed eggs. That doesn’t make her feel discomfited, since the majority of the people streaming there at that moment were in the same condition as her, except the petite girl.
“Melody! You’re just coming home?” the girl named April inquired as the other girl scampered toward her in her neat clothing. The two best friends metaphorically bring light to the gloomy street. The tired look on the face of the girl called April immediately disappeared.
“Yuck!! You’re disgusting! Don’t come near me!” cried Melody in a loud, piercing voice. Clearly that pissed April off, and she chased her best friend along the road, shouting angrily like a mad man. They passed off a few confused people, all covered in rotten eggs, mud, and starch. Melody was shrieking all the way, laughing at the same time. April was also laughing. It was like everything brightened when the both of them got together.
Soon, they stopped running, still laughing hysterically. Melody fell on the ground laughing at April’s reddened face, breathing heavily trying to grasp extra air. She wasn’t very good at sport, opposite to Melody.
“For God’s sake, both of you are 19 years old already. Stop running around like little kids,” hissed a black haired guy, who incidentally was also covered with all the gross stuff. He was obviously taller than both of the girls, with well-tanned skin. He wore a pair of glasses, and he looked self-centered. Melody twitched at the sight of him, her face reddened. April smiled secretly. As the guy walked away, Melody stuck her tongue out at him. Then, they stood up and went to a more concealed place, where they can talk more privately.
“So, how was it?” asked Melody, brushing off the dust on her shirt.
“It’s hell! Have you ever eaten sandwich with black pepper, vinegar, salt, lemon, and chili? They made us eat that!” April exasperated. Melody could make out how revolting it was from the face of her companion. Nevertheless, she smiled like always.
“Well, that doesn’t sound disgusting enough,” she retorted, knowing how her friend love delicious food. She herself loves food, weird food to be exact. So, the sound of that doesn’t freak her at all. She held her hand on the other girl’s ear, which she saw a weird crystal-like figure. “What the hell is this?”
April took it off from her ears, saying something about starch. Melody chuckled, almost like teasing.
“And we went swimming too! At the mud pool. And we are given two eggs and starch, on our head. I literally become a cake,” she continued, chuckling at the end. Her face changed constantly. Obviously with all the expression, Melody figured her best friend had a great time. Melody’s eyes were looking at her, but sometimes her eyes switched to the people walking behind her best friend. Although she was smiling, there was something else hidden under her expression. A few girls were watching them as they walked passed them, smiling politely at Melody.
“All of these are doctors?” Melody asked. April turned her head around to look at the passing people.
“Are-to-be doctors,” she corrected her, “all 75 of us.”
There was a lucid sad expression on Melody’s face. Unconsciously, she tried to hide it under her smile. Although they were in the same university, they barely see each other. April was in what they called the elite course in that university, the medical course. Melody on the other hand, didn’t make it there. Instead, she was given another course.
They had been together since they were in high school. Although they constantly quarreled with each other, and obviously giving others headache, there were no one else they trusted other than each other, and they enjoyed each other’s company very much. They always had been the elite students in their class in high school. They saw each other both as friends, and as rivals.
But when high school ended, things started to change. While April continued growing and developing, Melody faced a horrid fact that she couldn’t. She didn’t know why that happened, but she kept it a secret from anyone. And when they applied for the medical course, April got through, but Melody didn’t.
That incident shattered Melody’s heart into pieces, although she had no interest whatsoever in being a doctor. She wasn’t sure she was sad because of the distance, or the fact that she lost to April. Deep inside her heart there was a voice shouting that she failed both as a friend and as a rival. But this, she never told April.
“I should go and take a bath. This is disgusting,” exclaimed April happily, “I’ll message you later!”
The curly haired girl went hopping away happily while her friend watched her leave, smiling. Coincidentally, the rain showered the area. The girl chuckled, shoving off the water on her face.
“You idiot! Now look what you have done! I’m all wet!” she shouted at her friend and walked away at different direction, tangling her hands behind her back. She got an umbrella in her bag, but she didn’t bother to take it. She looked at the sky as the rain fell on her face. There was a distinctive trail of tears on her face. She was smiling, but the sad expression in her face couldn’t be washed away.

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A Broken Wing

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