Karate Do

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This poem represents what I think is the MEANING of karate.

Submitted: August 25, 2010

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Submitted: August 25, 2010



Karate Do

These are early days,
But I can see why
They love it so much

The fogged mirror is proof
Of their endless exertion.
It is never silent in this place,
That could be so sacred.

Even when the dojo is empty,
And everyone is gone.
One could silently pass beneath the windows
And hear-

-Echoing kiai’s.
Teamed with heavy breathing.
Enthusiastic, strong acknowledgment,
Which is always followed by,
The hiss of fast breathing-

And nothing.

In training, it is time for the last kata.
No kiai’s.
Strong stances.
Slow breathing.
Pulse rates begin to drop.

As the lower ranks leave,
One black belt stands alone.
Not knowing that a young orange belt remains,
He begins his kata.
Slow at first.

Bringing up speed,
He relishes in the ghi-flesh noises.
Like music to his ears.

The orange belt watches.
But amazed.
And here she realises that
Is Beautifully Dangerous.
This moment now will change how she trains forever.
She will never give up.

As the black belt finishes,
He bows, with a respective ‘oss’.
And turns to see the orange belt watching him

They just stare.

*Dojo- Training hall
Ghi- Uniform
Karate Do- Empty handed way.
Kata- Form (a series of techniques preformed in a particular pattern)
Kiai- Shout
Oss- Karate acknowledgment

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