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Alex and her sister used to leave a happy life until their lives are turned upside down, by the tragic death of their mother. Now having to live with their father in New York the girls must try and
figure out who killed their mother. Chapters come out weekly!

Submitted: November 21, 2017

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Submitted: November 21, 2017



Chapter 1 “A long ride back”
I awoke from my sleep the dreams still floating in my head. I looked around it was cold and dark, it was hard to see around and my eyes needed to get used to the darkness. I removed the covers from my soft bed, I stepped onto the cold wooden floor. The floor creaked as I slowly walked across the room trying not to wake my sister. I opened the door slowly and walked into the dark hallway. 

My cat Niko gently rubbed up against my leg. Her warm fur made almost any cold night warmer. I looked into my mother's room all I could see was the imprint of her body on the bed. Her covers on the floor, unusual for she is a neat freak.

 I kept walking until I hit the steep stairway that connected the First floor to the second. I walked down the old stairs, as they creaked after every step. I grabbed the flashlight so I could see what the bang was that woke me up. That was when I reached the living room where the window was shattered into pieces across the floor. 

Then I turned to the left and had the feeling to shine the light towards the ground. There I saw a knife covered in red gew, there was a trail of this gew so I had followed it up to my mom's room! Then it hit me. I ran into her room than it was all a blur.

 That entire night went by so fast, the next thing I knew was hearing a knocking noise come from downstairs. I ran down the stairs to answer the door. When I opened the door all that was there was a letter. My sister came running down the stairs to see who was there, she was as fast as a bullet. She asked me who was that the door. I showed her the letter, she frowned. 

“When will mama be home,” She asked. Even though she had asked me this for the tenth time today it still bugged me to tell her a lie.

 “Soon I hope,” I told her back.

 She went to her room in disappointment, so that was when I went to open the letter. I slowly opened the letter and read what it said.

 “Dear Alex, We are sorry for the loss of your mother, but we have a lead on who killed her. It was a middle-aged person, but we are still working on the DNA that was found on the knife. Until then we are going to have you move to another home just in case this killer comes back. For now, you will be living with your father in New York. The moving trucks will be there at 9 am Wednesday. Stay out of trouble and good luck. Markis J Lois.” 

 I was furious that they had not found the killer but what tipped the scales is that we were going to live with dad! I hated dad, he was never nice to mom and he would hit and scratch her. They had gotten a divorce last year and I was so happy to get away from him, but now I have to live with him again! I yelled to my sister to get down here, she came running down so fast that she almost fell. 

She looked around, and started crying,“When will it be mama”

 I watched her cry for awhile then said, “Andy um, mom is..” I started to tear up, “Um, mom is..”

 I watched her big eyes staring at me, her smile turned to frown.

 “Mom is, at Aunties house” She stared at me and suddenly her frown went to a smile, and she walked away. I took one big breath of relief, but then she snapped.

“YOU, YOUR lying to ME.” She threw the crumpled paper at me. “Mom is dead and you knew this whole time and never told ME! I trusted you as an older sis and you lied about mom! 
Well, you better start packing because as soon as we hit dad's house I am going to feed you to the wolves,”

 She stormed off. I just sat there for an hour thinking about how she snapped at me, but then I knew she needs to be punished. If mom was here she would have done the same to her little sis. She would have done it to protect her! 

“Andy.. you can not storm off like that,” I said to her.

 She sniffled and said,“But you lied and mom said..” 

 “I know what mom said..but I did it for your own good. When I was a girl mamma would come up to me and say if anything were to happen, to remember this If I were you do not tell you, sis.” 

She looked at me and said, “I am sorry….for yelling at you. I was mad..We should get packing,” 

We started getting our belongings and putting them in boxes, I had finished my room so I decided to go to my mom's room. I opened the door, that had never been opened after it happened. I looked over at the bed the covers were thrown on the bed by the medics that came to the house. 

They tried to clean up all the mess that was left, but some blood still stained the carpet. The spot was purple because of the blue carpet, some of the white still showed on the bed that was stained red with envy. 

I looked at a photo of my mom from when she was young, words carved into the wooden frame were so faded I could no longer see them. I took the photo and put it in a cardboard box, along with the blood-stained blanket. 

I looked out raindrops slid down the glass windows, the sky was grey and gloomy. I felt like even the world could not make this day happier. I walked away from the windows and continued to pack. 

Once I was done I looked for the sign that said, “FOR SALE” in big bold letters. I pulled out the sign from within the cluttered garage, my sister was supposed to clean. The rain stopped and the sun came out, like as if the sadness made the clouds happy. 

I put the sign-up and within a few days, we had our house sold. The new owners said it was ok for us to stay until the moving truck came and that they were going to demolish the house to build a new one. I and my sister had to live on the bottom floor so the new owners could start. 

On Wednesday we were finished packing and we were relaxing while we watched the new owners carry out our boxes for us, we made a deal we sleep downstairs and they can take out the boxes. 

It was 10:25 when the trucks came to pick up our stuff, we watched them haul away our belonging. 

We stayed at the house for another hour because my dad had to pick us up, when he arrived he was driving a silver SUV and was wearing a gray suit. He looked different he had a beard and was wearing glasses over his eyes. He looked older and weaker than before. 

“Hey dad,” I greeted him in a sarcastic voice. 

“Hello sweety. I missed you all these years and who is that?”

 “That is your daughter,” I told him. 

“What! Mary had another kid,” he sounded surprised as if he never knew.

 “Um yeah and I hoped she would never see you,” I told him.

 “Well, I see you still have a cold heart for your father.” He looked at me I kinda felt bad but still. 

“Hun can you give me a second chance, please I really do love you.”

 I entered his car the seats were warm because of the leather baking in the sun, I watched my sister carefully as she talked to my dad. Then finally she entered the car.

 “Why don’t you like him sis,” she asked me. 

“I..I this is not a good time Andy” I answered back. 

“Thump” the car door shut and we began to drive away. 

As we drove dark clouds rolled in and it started to drizzle then it poured. All I could see was memories of my life when I was a kid, we passed by the old ice cream shop were me and mom would go to when I won soccer games. 

Ah, those hot days I remember back from last year when the team got into state finals. It was so hot that after we won the game she took the whole team out to get ice cream. The smile on her face when we won was grand that she had looked like she had won the lottery.

 Then we passed my friend’s house, her name was Alina. She was super funny and she loved to hang out with me. When we were kids we would play house, we would always fight for the baby doll. She moved though, out of state I do miss her a lot just like mom.

 I started to cry, my tears dripping down like the rain on the windows of the car. I looked at my sister she was crying too it was a sad ride through the rest of the state. 

Then we hit it, the end of the state. The sign said, “Now Entering New York”. I sighed and thought to myself will I ever get to go home?




Chapter 2 “6 AM”

We finally arrived at my father’s house in the city, he lived on the fourth floor of a fairly new apartment house. I stepped out of the car right into a cold puddle.

“Just my luck,” I said to myself.

The cold water seeped into my socks making my feet cold. My father offered to carry my bag but I refused, not wanting him near my stuff.

Here in the city, it was nothing like back at home, cars raced along the streets honking their horns and yelling curse words at each other. There was little vegetation and the air was thick. Black smoke came from all the buildings, filling the air.

We entered the tall building that my father lived in, it smelled way better than the outside. It was very vivid and bright, as we walked to the elevator. You would think my father was a rich man, and so he is.

That was why I hated him. He would always get his way in life, even if he had to kill to get it. We entered the elevator, it was small and cramped. I pushed the fourth-floor button and the doors slowly closed in front of us.
We moved up, a Michael Jackson song came on while we waited to get to our floor. Finally, the door opened and a wave of an awful smoke smell hit me, I could barely breathe. I scurried to the door of my father’s apartment. My father came over to the door and unlocked it.

“Sorry about the smell my buddies were over last night, and they love to smoke”

As he slowly opened the door I could start to hear music playing in the room. I walked into the apartment and put down my things, scouting the area closely.

“Come, this way I will show you girls to your room,” he said to us.

We followed him into a bright pink room with a bunk bed in it. “I call top bunk,” yelled my sister. She quickly climbed up the ladder and got onto the bed. I walked over to the bottom bunk and tossed my bag on the bed.

“I hate pink,” I said to myself.

I really did, it is a terrible color. For girly girls. My father gave one last glance and then walked away.

“Dinner will be ready in an hour,” he said to us.
I started to unpack, pulling out old photos and other stuff that belonged to me.

“So sis, where are we going to go to school now,” my sister asked me.

“We aren’t going to school,” I told her

“What! Why can’t we go to school? Isn’t it like a big deal?” She asked me again.

“Dad has his own private teacher for us, pity,” I told her

“You hate him, don’t you? Why?”

“It, it. Ugh.. I don’t know why ” I started to cry.

“What happened?”

“It was our aunt. She loved our dad, her and mom would fight for him. Mom married him and our aunt was furious. She connived our father to divorce mom, that was her entire goal in life. And she got it. I missed him, I thought it was me, that he hated me,” I told my sister everything.

“You have to give him another chance,” she said to me.

“Ok,” I said to her wiping my tears. “But I sleep on the top bunk,”

I lunged at her, pinning her to the floor. I started to tickle her, as she giggled

She managed to make out the words,“No, No not the tickles.”

“Hello girls” We both heard a soft female voice in coming from above us. We quickly got up and brushed off the dust from our clothing.

“Um... Hi,” my sister said to her.

“Hello girls I am your private teacher Mrs. Guven,” She said to us. “Your classes will start tomorrow at 6 am sharp,” she looked very serious when she said that.

“6 AM! I can’t get up at 6 am,” my sister screeched. Mrs. Guven giggled and then walked away.
“Do I really have to get up at 6 am,” my sister asked me. I looked at her trying to think of
a smug answer,

“You are hopeless”
“Wow, thanks,”

I continued to unpack my things, throwing some of my stuffed animals on my bed.

“Hey! That's my bed you get the bottom bunk remember”

I rolled my eyes at her and continued to throw my things on the top bunk. I eventually got to a box with things of my mother’s, I hesitated to open the box, wanting to preserve her belongings. But eventually, I opened it, sliding my finger on the edge of an old cardboard box.

“Is that mom’s things,” my sister asked me.

“Yeah,” I replied to her turning back to box.

I carefully lifted the flaps of the box, only revealing the few things I brought with me from her room. On the top of the small pile was a small picture frame with her, my father, and me in it. My sister wasn't born yet when the picture was taken. I observed the photo for a small while before putting it on the ground near the box.

I thought to myself, how could anyone even do such a terrible thing to her, she was such a great woman, she was such a great mom.

Suddenly the door flew open, my sister fell straight off her bed in fear and screamed a little. I jumped too. Who entered the door was a tall slim woman she wore bright red heels and a short black dress. Her hair was blond like my mom’s. It was my aunt...

“Hello girls! Did you miss your Aunt!”

“No” I muttered under my breath.

She gave me an awful look, I could have sworn she had demons in her eyes. I stared at her right back never unlocking my eyes from her’s. Then she glanced away grunting looking at my sister.

“You must be Andy!”

“Uh…” My sister started backing away from her.

I had to intervene, so quickly I got up and stood in front of my sister. My aunt backed off a bit and looked down at the old photo I had placed on the floor. Slowly she picked up the photo and looked at it with a grim evil look on her face.

“Your mother was pretty” She muttered the words out. “How despicable”

She took one more glance at us and then the photo before, she smashed the photo on the ground. My sister was shocked and started to cry. My aunt turned around and before she left she she turned to me and gave a evil smile.

“And you look just like her”

As quick as she came, she was gone. I scrambled to collect all the pieces of glass that had shattered on the floor as my sister picked up the photo of my mother and me.

“She really hates us doesn’t she..” My sister asked me.

I didn’t have time to respond before my dad called out “Dinner.” I told my sister never to talk about what happened that night and we went off into the kitchen.



Chapter 3 “King”


The table was large and full of food. My father, sister, and aunt were all at the table too. I was facing a large glass window that showed a view of the city below. As the sun set one by one light began to turn on.


“So are you guys excited for school tomorrow?” My father asked us cheerfully.


“Yes, but..” My sister began her whole rant about how she had to get up at 6 am.


I didn’t listen that much, I was too focused on my aunt. She was death staring me as I tried to eat my meal. Sometimes I would ignore her, but other times it felt as if she was pointing a gun at me ready to fire. I finished my meal and slowly started to get up.


“May I be excused?” I asked my father.


“Sure sweetie” he replied


A quickly started to make my way to my room, but that was when I noticed my aunt’s room door wide open. I thought to myself, why would she keep her door open? I peeked around the corner of the door to see what was inside, it was dark. I could not see a thing, for a good solid moment I debated going into the room. I almost did until my concerns rolled in.


She would kill me if I were found in that room, so I continued on. I finally reached my room when I saw a large what looked like a present on the floor. Then it moved, not a lot almost like if someone were inside trying to get out.


I slowly crept my way over to the box, possibilities went through my head. What if it is a dead thing, what if it’s a robot, but then it meowed! IT'S-A CAT! I ran over to the box a ripped it open. A small little black kitten popped out.


I screamed in joy! I loved cats when we left my cat had to be given away since she could not handle the move. My aunt was against having a cat so she could not have gotten it for me. I looked down and saw a small note,


“I hope this makes up for what happened in the past, P.S. don’t tell your aunt, Love dad”  


I squashed the poor little thing into my chest, it was the one good thing that had happened to me in a while. I wanted to name it but I wanted to have my sister help me name it.

“Andy! Come over here!”


“Coming” She yelled back.


As soon as she walked into the room she snatched the kitten up and squeezed it like I had done earlier. She took a moment to view the cat and looked into it’s eyes. The kitten was black as night and the only real feature you could see on him was his big green eyes.


“He is so cute!” She screamed, scaring the thing to death.


“What should we name him?”


“King” She said quickly.


“Really that’s a very basic name” I responded


She didn’t respond I think she was too mesmerised by “King” but who could blame her. King hopped out of her arms once he had enough of her love, she chased him around the room until she could get her hands on him again. They continued this for the the rest of the night.


It was getting late and I was surprised how fast my sister fell asleep with King purring on her lap. I stayed up late so I could text my friends back at home. I had my Tiger Claw headphones on which was a very popular brand for teens like me.


Through all the noise of the music in my headphones playing I could hear a muffled screaming almost like fighting voices. I took off my headphones to hear what was going on, immediately I was greeted my they yelling of my aunt just in the dining room, it was almost ear-piercing.


My sister didn’t hear anything since she liked to sleep listening to her Kids Top Music. I slowly got up trying not to be heard by my sister or aunt. I made my way down the small ladder of my bunk and onto the floor. I put my head up to the frozen wooden door to make out what they were saying.


“You let them get a cat!”


“I thought it would make them feel a bit more happy, you can’t keep these kids miserable all their life”


“They are just one of her’s! All the progress we have made and you let them live with us!”


“They are your stepchildren you need to show them some respect”


I backed away from the door, not believing what I had just heard. I had no idea what I should do, then I figured that she already hated me so I opened the door and walked out to the dinning room trying to be as quiet as possible. I hid behind the counter of the kitchen for a minute and then I stepped out from the shadows.


“What are you doing up!” My aunt yelled at me.


“You woke me up, with your fighting” I took a deep breath “And I heard everything.”


My aunt and step father gave eachother a look, my dads more worried than mad but my aunt’s look was furious.


“See what you did Miguel! You woke her up!”  


My father didn’t respond. He just looked at me half mad and half sympathetic to me.


“How about you go back to bed and we will talk about this in the morning”


I followed my father’s orders as walked back to my room, my sister was up and holding king tightly. She looked scared, but I didn’t know why.


“Why are you up Andy?”


She said nothing to me, but instead just slipped back into her bed. She must have heard everything too, I felt really bad for her. But I could not do anything, so I just climbed up the small ladder and went to sleep.


Chapter 4 “Hide and Seek”


The next day came slowly, the thoughts of last night still resided in my head. I replayed the scene over and over like a broken record. My alarm went off at exactly 6:00 Am, so I and my sister began to prepare for school.


She was clearly tired since she had never gotten up this early. She was only in 4th grade so she never got used to getting up early like me. I knew how it felt though, my first year of high school was just like this. Getting up at the crack of dawn, and walking to the school that was a half a mile away.


My father entered the room and asked us if we were ready to go next door to Mrs.Garvin's apartment. He didn’t want us going to a real school so that the killer who killed my mother would not find us. He definitely the over-reactive type, he kept a sharp eye on us the entire time we crossed the street.


Once we got to the apartment my sister knocked on the tall wooden door and Mrs. Guevin welcomed us in. “School” lasted 7 hours, as I sat through my sister’s lessons to multiply and divide as sat in the corner drawing sketches of king. And when I was learning how to write fictional stories my sister looked at the pictures I drew before. The lessons flew by fast and we left as quickly as we came.


Once we were home there was not much to do, my father was working in his office down the hall and there was no way I would ask my aunt to do anything with me.


“You want to play hide and seek?” My sister asked me. “It’s my favorite game!”  




The apartment was fairly big so there was plenty of hiding spots.


“Youngest seeks first!”




I quickly ran to hide from my sister before she could protest. In the distance, I could hear her starting to count down from twenty. I knew exactly where I was going to hide, so I quickly scampered into the closet in my room.


“5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ready or not here I come”


The closet was very dark and small, I could see a little bit from the glass top of the door.  I was not the tallest of teens so I stepped on a wooden box to see when my sister would be coming, but the person who entered my room was no way, my sister.  


I held my breath in a panic for I didn’t know who it was at first. It was a woman tall and thin, black hair. It came to me, it was my aunt?! I watched her search all of MY stuff, throwings things around the room some pictures smashing as they hit the ground. Then she pulled out a thin what looked like a brown diary of some sorts. I have plenty of books and journals so I wondered why she needed that specific one.


My aunt sat on the floor of my room looking through the pages for a bit, before shutting it and placing it in her bag. She then mumbled something to herself like “She did know” before walking out and slamming the door shut.


I stepped out of my closet slowly still in shock of what had happened. Did my aunt have a part in my mother’s murder? Once I gained back my senses I walked over to where my aunt found the journal and the one my mother had written was gone. I never dared to look into it since it was her business.


“Hey! That isn’t a good hiding place sis!”


It took me a second but I remembered that we were still playing hide and seek.


“Oh sorry I forgot we were still playing judging by how long it took to find me”


“It doesn’t matter now dad told us that we are going out to the toy store!”


“I think I will pass going to the toy store.” I responded to her before looking at the mess my aunt had caused.


“You're going to have to tell dad that then.”


My father stepped into my room looming over my sister. He took a quick glance at the mess then his face turn from happy to slightly disappointed. I debated about telling my dad what had happened, I never liked my aunt and to possibly get her in trouble would be a victory on my part.


“Uh, dad I don’t really want to go to the toy store.”


“That’s a good thing since you need to clean up this mess!”


“What?! I didn’t do this, auntie did it she also stole one of mom’s diaries!”

I screamed not wanting to get in trouble for what she had done. My dad look very angry a bit more than I anticipated.


“Andy you wait in the car for a minute I have to make a call. And Alex you go downstairs to Mrs.Galebs floor and stay with her until I get home.”


Without my a word my sister scampered down the stairs and out to the car along with the apartment's bell man who father trusted. As for me I was confused on what was happening, why would my father need to make a call if my aunt was still in the house?


I wanted to know more so I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a set of keys one of which has a key to the house on it. Then I walked down the stairs hiding behind a large box , as I watched my dad step out of the house telling my aunt he would “see her soon” before walking out of the building.


Quickly I scampered into the house slowly shutting the door. I wasn’t sure what to do now. It was very strange that you just broke into your own house, because I knew I needed to hide if I didn’t want anyone to know.


After a minute of trying to decipher where I wanted to hide, I chose to hide in my closet just like how I did earlier that day. I kept the door open a crack to hear better what was going to happen.


Out of nowhere I heard a loud knock on the front door.


“Who is it?” my aunt replied to the sound. Before I heard a sound of the door opening.


“Oh.! It’s you. Why are you here?  Miguel isn’t here right now?”


“Oh don’t worry he called me to tell you that he needed some of his papers for work.”


“Why didn’t you say so? Come in I will make some tea or something.”


“Oh no no I will only be here for a short while.”


“So what papers are you looking for?”


“They should be in his office.”


“Ok you wait there I will grab them… hm, there are no papers here?”


Then suddenly I heard the office door slam shut. Followed by a high pitched scream. It was over within seconds, when I heard the office door open and close. I started to hear footsteps coming into my room.


“Where’s the book?” I heard the man speak.


I looked in the closet, trying not to show any signs of me being there. I saw it, the diary that I had thought my aunt had stolen hidden behind some of my sister’s dirty clothes. I quickly picked it up and held it tightly in my hands.


Then I heard my dad speaking loudly “I think we left our money inside?”


Quickly the man opened my window and climbed out of it. I tried to remember what he looked like but it all happened so fast. What did he do to my aunt? Why isn’t she speaking? For the first time in my I was actually scared.




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