old friend and last meeting.

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 Old friend and last meeting.

Grandmaster of the Longcoats has a very long journey ahead, he has to travel across the middle moors, past the Iron Hill, through Hrof's pass to the shores of Blizzard Sea and from there to farthest settlement which is Ironhead. It's a long and tedious journey even for a longcoat but he must make the journey for there is an ancient and powerful treaty written long ago that he must obey.

When Hrof came to these lands he had twenty-six officers whom he later named Kings. They all died of grief next to their High King's deathbed, except one. One survived, one refused to die, refused to believe that his friend his leader his High King is dead and so he stayed to rule Ironhead as a King far from the capital rather than go there and see Hrof's cold body for himself. The King of Ironhead was just a man, a mortal like the others like Hrof himself, yet he lived far longer than he should have, an unnaturally long life.

The Longcoats were created by Hrof himself to be the ultimate protectors of the realm, to protect the land and its people when they can't protect themselves. They had the utmost justice and had the rights and power to decide even over Kings, their word was law but only by the time when they were needed. They became immortals to against time and so they lived for ages and didn't grow old at all and thus could protect the realm forever. There's a treaty written by Hrof and the First Longcoats by which they are bound to serve Hrof and the land for eternity willingly.

The Grandmaster of the Longcoats didn't sense the Last King at first, not for a hundred years until a half millenium had passed the Grandmaster began to sense that there might be something interesting somewhere near Ironhead. When two milleniums had passed the Grandmaster knew what was going on, he sensed that one of the Kings is still alive yet he did nothing. Almost five milleniums had passed and the Grandmaster had a dream, in the dream Hrof showed himself and told that one of the First Kings indeed is still alive and that time has come for him to make the last journey.
Next morning the Grandmaster left Skjall, the stronghold of longcoats and by horse rode towards the middle moors, pass the Iron Hill, through Hrof's pass and finally after a month of travelling he came to the shores of 
Blizzard Sea. From there he took a boat and began sailing towards Ironhead and the Blizzard Sea has earned her name for its deadly big and strong waves that can crash even bigger ships and ofcourse the blizzards which are the second deadliest thing at there. Deadliest thing at that sea is the raiding parties of Ironhead, merciless and fearless true men of the north sail with their fast and strong longboats through any blizzard through any mist never off from the course.
They kill without remorse any outsider or as they call lowlanders, for they want to keep 'their' waters 'clean' and for so it's not only a long way to sail to Ironhead but very deadly as well.

After a week of sailing, battling against the blizzard and deadly waves the Grandmaster begins to hear deep sounding drums from ahead. It's the raiding parties from Ironhead and they are coming towards Grandmaster with great speed, he hears splash of oars the drums and gradually shouting. Spikes and little anchors with chains fly from the blizzard clinging to Grandmaster's boat, he realises that they are drawing his boat closer to theirs, he sticks to his sword and prepares for battle, he draws his already a bit from its sheat, the tension grows as he breaths heavier.
The boats collide ans large, threatening men jumps on his boat swords and axes at the ready, Grandmaster draws his sword in a blink of an eye and cuts down three raiders, more men jumping to his boat and then suddenly the whole boat shakes like an earthquake as a huge raider jumps on the boat, walks towards the longcoat and hits with his bare fist another raider in the back of its head making him to fall down unconscious in front of the longcoat. 
The large raider speaks in very low voice and says he recognizes the longcoat and orders the raiders to low down their arms, he asks what has brought a longcoat to their waters to which longcoat answers; "I'm heading to Ironhead, to speak with your King."
The large raider stays silent for a moment but then agrees to escort the longcoat to Ironhead for he thinks that longcoats are always a welcome guest in the halls of Ironhead.

After two days the Grandmaster reaches the harbor of Ironhead with the raiders, they get off the boats and the large raider leads the longcoat towards the village. As they walk upwards the snowy shore the longcoat senses as the people look at him with gloomy eyes, he's a stranger among their midst and not necessarily the good kind. It has been over five thousand years since Ironhead was visited by a longcoat, they have not seen before a man quite like him.
Finally they reach the doors of great hall, the large raider opens both doors and tells the longcoat to enter, longcoat nods to the raider and walks in and as soon as he goes in the doors close shut behind him.
Its a long hall, in the middle of the hall there's a long and wide fire warming up the great hall, some light is coming from the ceiling as theres also smoke from the fire. Other than that theres only few candels on both sides of the hall and its difficult to see what's on the sides so the longcoat walks past the fire and sees short stairs on which top is a throne made from wood, bear skulls and bear fur.
An old, old man sits on the throne but still has the eyes of a hawk and sees the longcoat as soon as he walks past the fire. The King asks in a loud but deep voice; "What are YOU of all beings doing in my ancient halls?" To which the longcoat answers; "Its been a long long time since we've seen but I'm here to bring you to the capital."

-"And why would that be? There's nothing for me. I shall not leave my halls." Said the King

-"Nothing? There's someone you should meet, someone who has been waiting for you." The Longcoat said.

The old Kings eyes opened a bit bigger as he felt something inside of him, he stayd quite for a short time and then agreed to leave to the capital. He gave his title and all to his general and left the Ironhead and its warm hall in a bit of grief and with words to his men and general, as he was walking away "Take better care of this icy shit of a hall, than I ever did!"

After a long journey across the Blizzard Sea, through Hrof's Pass the two finally arrived to the wastern side of the land not very far from the capital and they rested for a bit under a great oak on a hill. 
At there the Old King said; "I didn't remember that its so fucking hot on this side of the Dragontail Mountains, it has been long time since I was..." the Longcoat turned his head towards the quiet King as the Kings was petrified looking towards east. There it was the greatest city in the land, 
Four Wind the capital of land, built long ago by Hrof and his men with help of the dwarves. As the longcoat was making campfire and looking at the quiet King, he smiled a little knowing that the King was moved by the sight.
After few hours they countinued their journey towards Four Wind and after six hours they reached the gates of great city, they entered and walked to the Palace district.
Once they reached the gates of the Palace Hall the King had to breath for a while, he was getting weak and had been walking with walking stick all the time, the longcoat said; "Not far anymore, we should continue." The King was leaning to his stick and looked agry at the longcoat but didn't say anything.
Through the gates they went and walked for a short bit this very great hall until to the right came a hallway that lead to a royal library, the longcoat said; "Walk along that hall and you are there. I cannot come this further, I will leave now back to Skjall."


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