Strength From Within

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What happens when you're at your breaking point?

Submitted: June 05, 2014

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Submitted: June 05, 2014



I look out the window,
And decide that this is the day.
This is the day I lose my strength,
And give my life away.

I travel one last time through the house,
Hands tracing over the wall.
Pictures of smiling people are up,
But are they here at all?

I shake my head and close the door.
Falling onto my bed I close my eyes,
I let the tears run wild.
The only thing going through my head is my goodbyes.

One by one I list off the people I love,
For each of them I cry a single tear,
As I remember our memories,
As I check off every past year.

But as I'm doing this,
I realize I don't need to go.
I have people here that are my strength.
I have people here that love me so.

I stand up and throw the pills away.
I go in the bathroom and stare at my reflection.
This isn't my demise,
This is my resurrection.

And I will stand tall.
Stand with my head up high,
Because I have the strength.
No longer do I wish to be in the sky.


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