The Eyes Of My Past

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A poem about my past relationship and how I'm coping with it basically.

Submitted: June 17, 2014

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Submitted: June 17, 2014



It is hard to move on,
When you gave one person everything you had.
Because the pieces you gave them,
You'll never get back.

I gave her my heart,
She gave me heartache.
I gave her my time,
She gave me a second. 

But for a while there, 
her seconds felt like forever.
When she wanted to,
She made me feel like I was worth something.

But now I realize to her,
I was worth nothing.
I was only a game piece
In her fucked up world.

When things were damaged, 
All I wanted to do was make it better.
All I wanted to do was get on my knees
While begging for her back.

All I could think about was her lips on mine,
Her voice singing me soft songs,
Her touch cradling my sides,
Her hands holding mine.

Not her lips that was placed in an evil smirk,
Her voice that spoke harmful words,
Her touch that caused me pain,
Her hands that refused to hold my broken pieces.

And now,
As I stare into the eyes of my past,
I don't want what I once had.
I don't crave what I once needed.

Because I realize that what we had wasn't love.
It was an addiction.
She was the drug,
And I was the addict.

She caused me to break apart,
But I found my high in it.
She made me sick, 
But I couldn't break myself of it.

But guess what,
I'm finally free.
I'm clean of her disease,
I'm able to move on.

And as I stared into the eyes of my past, 
I am thankful for the experience. 
Only because she made me who I am.
Her painful ways made me stronger. 

And now, I can stare into those eyes whenever without cowering away.
I can stand up for myself like I should've.
I can protect my heart like I've learned.
I can move on like I've experienced. 

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