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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: February 18, 2016

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Submitted: February 18, 2016




She hugged him so tight, like one she couldn’t let go. He rested his frozen lips on her forehead to kiss her good night

“I will be seeing you again tomorrow right” Daniel asked

A dim of smile ran down her face, then suddenly sadness took the smile away as she shook her head. Good bye was the hardest word she could voice out at that moment, but she had to let him go. It was the only way she and him could be happy. The only way they could choose their path without being forced to make decisions. She had to hold onto a known adage “If you had a singing bird you love, yet this caged bird lost its voice and wanted to fly. You had to let it go and hope, it will someday return back to you. If your hope were futile and it never returned; it wasn’t meant for you, but if it were yours, it will always find its way back”.

So at that moment, she braced herself up as his soft lips rested on her forehead. Her mind fought between her yearn for him and the truth to let him go; she knew, her yearn for his touch was like a bad apple, it would quench her thirst but not her hunger; so she shook her head (A gesture of rejection).

“You and I know better, we can’t walk down that path anymore”

“But we had fun tonight and I thought you did too.  Seeing you tonight, brought back so much memories of our time together” Daniel replied

She shook her head again, as she avoided his eyes; they wore sadness and a yearn for a new beginning. He needed her, and she did too, but they couldn’t be together. He hadn’t been happy for four years until today, but there is some food, one shouldn’t take a bite off.

“Do you still need time; I could give you time?” Daniel said

“No” she replied

He ran his hands through her soft silky hair; her eyes and his met as hot passion grew between them that winter evening. He pressed his face a little further toward her lips, a strand of her hair moved with the wind, as she pushed him away

“Don’t, we can’t do this anymore” Eva said

He moved away from her in frustration with a scoff; his feet stumbled against a large stone which laid on the street, he staggered as he screamed out his frustration into the night.

“Why are we sinners, because of love” Daniel asked

She could feel his frustration, but couldn’t give in.  It would be a once again blood battle, all for love. She tucked her hands into her jacket as she began to strode away;

“But I love you” He yelled

“You have to let me go, if you do” She replied

These words were meaningless, though for a moment he felt they were words with meaning; but how could his letting the one he loved go, be the only way, he could express how much he loved her. It sounded sarcastic and he would be more of a narcissistic: to hurt her, so she could be happy.

He ran toward her and held to her soft little hand which were tucked away in her fur coat.  She looked away as her nostril exhaled the smoke like winter breeze unto his face which was too close to her lips.

“We were a mistake of the past; I have to go” Eva said

“And the mistake of the past can’t be a new tomorrow?” Daniel asked

She shrugged her shoulder, tugged back her hands into her fur jacket and began to walk away. Motionlessly, he stood on that cold winter night as He watched the tall skinny Burnette on a white winter coat disappear into the night. It had been four years since they met and this winter night felt like a long night without dawn on sight.

 A red dodge charger pulled up from a distance as she waved at the driver and took the opposite seat. Daniel face wore happiness, yet disappointment. At least he finally saw her after years, and this gave him an assurance about their love. He began to walk into the night, the phone on the left pocket of his jean vibrated. He looked at the caller Id and sighed; it was yet another disappointment, then came a call from Dr Jude, his family doctor. It was his wife: Anne, she had done it again. Over the phone he could hear her feeble yet frightful voice whisper

“You were with her, weren’t you?”

It was her third suicide attempt. Anne got the man, while Eva lost him, yet Anne got a statue which ran no blood in its veins. He was a frozen stone, she knew as a husband, but just by name. He was hers, but only by her last name: Anne Daniel.  Their marriage was a union, without any emotional attachment. They had been married for three years. And for all these years of their union, everything had changed except Daniels unfailing love for his ex-lover  Eva of whom he longed for every day. Anne had grown weary, jealous and tired of fighting for his heart, so took to emotional blackmail of slitting her hands every time she felt she was losing him and again on this night, he was stupid enough to have drawn a red circle around his calendar, it was the day, he met Eva: his one and only cherished love of whom Anne couldn’t fight enough to gain his. Cold chills ran down his neck as he knew he might be losing Anne to death, but such thought must never come to life.

“She must stay alive for me to be able to get back my only love.” He mumbled

He drove his car in full speed toward the hospital as tears of regret, anger, and happiness filled his mind. One could never tell what was on his mind: was it the joy, of meeting his love once again or was it the pain of losing Anne; but then what was his tears of regret? What was this past that remained unspoken yet hurtful?


Ofonime Udoh



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