Harry Imagine- Basketball Game

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Harry Imagine 1- Basketball Game

Submitted: August 05, 2012

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Submitted: August 05, 2012




You go to a basketball game with your best friend. You are a HUGE basketball fan… which your friends thought was weird. But you didn’t care; you would do ANYTHING to be at a basketball game. When you & your friend finally found your seats, it looked like you had the whole row to yourselves. “Looks like nobody really showed up in our row” you say. Your friend shrugged and looked at you. “(Y/N), I’m going to the snack bar, want anything?” your friend asked “Get me a water” you asked her. She nodded and headed up the stairs. You decided to just sit & hang out until your friend came back. You felt a tap on your shoulder, which scared you a little… and you DID NOT like to be scared. So you looked to your left with an annoyed face. “Can I sit here?” a boy asked. But when you tried to reply, you froze, the boy that was talking to you is Harry Styles, your FAVORITE member of One Direction. “Uh sure” you said. He sat down & started talking. “I’m Harry… Well you probably knew that. What’s your name?” ‘Stay calm’ you thought. “I’m (Y/N)” he smiled his cheeky grin. “Nice to meet you!” he said. You smiled back when something popped in your head: YOUR FRIEND! She is as big as a fan as you are! What if she fangirls?! You shoot her a quick text saying:

“DUDE! Believe me or not, Harry Styles I sitting next to me!”

“ (Y/N), I’m not that stupid.. ”

“No no no! really! He is!”

“I’m on my way back. Is Niall there too? LOL”

“SEE!! *picture of Harry in the seat next to you* NOT LYING!!”

“OMG! I won’t fangirl, I SWEAR!!”

“You better not!”

You feel a tap on your shoulder and see Harry trying not to crack up

“What’s so funny?!” He takes  a breath. “Babe, it’s ok if you and your friend fangirl in front of us, I’m used to it!” he said smiling

You blushed “so you saw that…”

He nodded and smiled


When your friend got back, she was totally cool. Wow. That’s not like her. If you wouldn’t have sent that text, she would be all “OMG OMG! HARRY! AHHH! GIVE ME SOME OF YOUR GRAVY! I LOVE YOU! SIGN MY BOOBS!” Thank God you remembered! She sat down & made a face at me. “And you must be (Y/N) friend! How are you! He said hugging her.” She blushed, “Good”. Finally, the game started. Your hometown’s team was OWNING the other team. You AND Harry were screaming your heads off and cheering on the home team. You were having such a good time with Harry & your friend!


Finally, halftime came. The first thing was the cheerleaders. Usually, Harry would be DROOLING over them… but he didn’t even look interested in them tonight. You get a text.

“I think Harry likes you… He doesn’t even look interested in those girls! And they are FLAWLESS girl’s with boobs poking out! I THINK HE’S IN LOVE WITH YOU!”

“No… He can literally date ANY GIRL in the world that he wants! Why would he choose a retard like me? Besides, we just met!”

“Have you HEARD Carly Rae Jepson enough! ‘Hey I just met you, and this is crazy. But here’s my number, so call me maybe! THAT SONG WAS WRITTEN FOR YOU!!’”

“Shut up(;”


You instantly hear a loud horn and the segment you didn’t think would come up… it’s here.. THE KISS CAM! You peek and your friend who is jumping up & down in her seat… And the thought came to my head: What if me & Harry have to kiss!? I ignore the big screen with lovers kissing & go to my phone, pretending I don’t care. I take a peek to the screen & there is a young couple kissing. Your stomach quivered… You wanted it to happen… Yet you didn’t… You look at your friend when you suddenly hear EVERY. PERSON. IN. THE. ROOM. Screaming like they were being murdered. Before you could look at the big screen, there was a hand under your chin & the next thing you know… YOU were kissing Harry Styles… & everyone was cheering…

After you pull away, you hug Harry & he says “I’ve ben waiting for that” while smiling big.

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