Harry Imagine for Randee- You're the Reason

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A Harry imagine for Randee(: Hope you like it!! :D

Submitted: August 07, 2012

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Submitted: August 07, 2012




6th Grade

You are in class talking with your friend when your teacher walks up to you. “Randee, we have a new student… and I want you to show him around.” You smiled “Sure!” You were nervous… What’s his name? Is he nice? Is he cute? A boy walks up to you and says “Hello, I’m Harry. So you’re Randee?” He says in a deep British accent. He has curly hair and an adorable smile. “Hi Harry.” You smiled. “I’m Randee,” You look at his schedule and see you have every class together… What are the odds? You show him around the whole day and he sat next to you in every class, even lunch. You notice at lunch, all of the girls are staring at him and biting their lips, but Harry only pays attention to YOU and ONLY YOU. You walk Harry home, and you offer to help with homework. He agrees and you walk into his house. You go upstairs to his room and see it’s covered in posters of KISS, Aerosmith and Coldplay. After you two finish the homework, you ask about him.

“So you like Coldplay, Harry?”

“Yeah… Do you?”

“DUH!” you said hitting him on the arm.

“Favorite song by them?” you ask

“Yellow” he said

“Mine’s Hurts Like Heaven”

“I also like to sing…”

“Please sing for me Harry?” you ask.

“uhh…. errmm”


“ok…” he said

“Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful? Isn’t she precious? Less than one minute. I never thought through love we’d be, making one as lovely as she. Isn’t she lovely made from love.”

“Wow… You’re amazing!”

He blushed

“You should try out for American Idol!”

“I’m not American retard”

“oh… one day, if you go back to the U.K, audition… for me… with this song”

“I promise.”

There was as awkward silence

“So what part of England are you from?” you ask

“Cheshire. It’s a small town, but I love it.”

“I bet you miss it…”

“yeah… But I’m starting to like it here too. And you…” He said with a smile.

You were in shock… you felt a spark when you were with Harry… but you didn’t know if he felt the same way… besides, you just met him that morning…

All you do is smile and kiss him on the cheek.

“I think we’re off to a good start, Harry”


10th grade

You and Harry have been dating for 3 years now. You are both 15 now. Harry just found out his dad got a job transfer and he has to move back with his family to Cheshire.  You came over to Harry’s house to say your last goodbye.

You started to tear up.

“I’m going to miss you curly…”

“I’ll miss you too…”

“No matter how far away I am, I’ll always love you Randee.”

You started crying, so Harry pulls you into a big hug and you bury your face into his neck. Harry rubs your back trying to comfort you.

Harry let’s go and wraps something around your neck. You look at it, and see it’s the silver infinity necklace Harry always wore.

“But Harry… it’s yours…”

Harry shook his head, “It’s yours now. Our love in infinite… Nothing will tear us apart, not even distance”

You took something off of your neck and put it around Harry’s

“My paper airplane necklace… Take this to remember me by…”

Harry kissed you slowly, “I’ll never take it off”

You hug Harry tight, and tears run down your face

“Will you keep your promise?” you ask

“Which one?” he asks

“You-you have t- to audition for the X- Factor… and you’re going to get famous… I know it.”

“I will… for you.”

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