Louis Imagine- Acoustic

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Louis Imagine- Acoustic

Submitted: August 08, 2012

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Submitted: August 08, 2012




You are front row at a One Direction concert and you broke your leg a couple days ago. But you are still up on your feet jumping around fangirling with your best friend. When Niall does his solo in More Than This, everybody starts going crazy, so people started pushing. You get pushed and trampled and you fall to the ground. You can’t get up. You try screaming at your best friend to see if she will help you up, but she doesn’t hear you over the screaming. Louis starts singing his solo and looks at the crowd. You look him in the eyes and pray. He looks at you and sees you are on the ground. After he is done with his solo, he bends over the front of the stage and whispers something to Paul. He looks at you again and puts his hand up. You see him mouth “Stay There.” You wait for a good 2 minutes and here comes Paul with a wheelchair. He helps you up and gets the attention of your friend who is embarrassed. He rolls you backstage and you start to cry. You are missing the concert. Your friend tries to apologize for not hearing you, but you ignore her completely. You wanted to hear Moments.


An hour passed and you and your friend have still been sitting backstage doing nothing. Suddenly, you hear a door slam and you see a head of brown hair come in.

“Hello love” Louis said “I saw what happed.”

You blushed “oh” you said.

Louis walked next to you and sat in the chair next to you

“What’s your name?” he asked

“(Y/N)” you said

Louis smiled “To make up for missing the concert, the boys and I have something for you.”

Your eyes lit up as the rest of the boys walked backstage

“Since you only got through 2 songs, we will do the rest of the songs acoustic for you, backstage, right now.”

Your mouth dropped.

“Really?” you said “Y-you don’t have to…”

Louis rubbed your back. “We insist. I feel bad for you falling, and hurting yourself. And you paid a lot of money for those tickets.”

The boys smiled.

Niall got his guitar and started playing Moments.

When Louis got to his solo, he walked towards you and held your hand while looking into your eyes. His blue eyes were so light and beautiful. You could just melt in them.

“Before you leave me today…” Louis finished.

Before leaving the mini concert, Louis came up to you to talk for a minute.

“(Y/N), I had a great time talking, and I’m glad I had the pleasure to sing for you and your friend today. I’m just sorry you missed the concert”

You blushed “It’s ok. Thank you so much.” You pulled Louis into a tight bear hug.

Louis smiled “Your welcome beautiful.”

He kissed you on the cheek and wheeled you to Your friends car.

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