Niall Imagine for Carrington- Birthday

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Niall Imagine requested by Carrington! Hope you like it!!

Submitted: August 07, 2012

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Submitted: August 07, 2012




It’s your birthday, and your boyfriend Niall wants to do something nice for you. He tells you to meet him at the park at 8:00 PM. You have no idea what to expect from your amazing boyfriend. When you hear a knock at your front door, you answer it. No one is there… but a small box is. You open it and sitting in the box is a cute strapless dress you’ve been wanting… A note reads:

Happy Birthday Babe! Can’t wait to see you tonight, in this new dress! I love you lots! Xx Niall

You shake your head smiling. He always makes your birthday special. He always knows how to get to your soft spot. You put on the dress and twirl around in the mirror. You’re in love with it. You show up to the park, where you see a candle lit picnic… and Niall. You walk over towards him and he hugs you, burying his face in your neck like he always does.

“Happy Birthday Carrington” he whispers. “You look absolutely beautiful ” you smile and kiss him on the cheek. “Thank you” He pulls out a whicker picnic basket and shows it to you. He pulls out a homemade meal, probably made by his mom, knowing he is challenged in the cooking department. You two eat and talk about your dreams and future. When you two are finally done, he pulls out his guitar and starts playing and singing The A Team, your favorite song.

Angles to fly…

Niall finishes. You pull him in for a long kiss. “I love you.” You smile. He looks at you with his big blue eyes. “I love you too… And that’s why I got you this.” Niall pulls out a silver chain and wraps it around your neck. You look and notice that it’s a locket. You open it and see a tiny picture of you and Niall. “Niall…” you whisper, almost to tears. “Do you like it?” he asked. You pull him into a tight hug. “I love it…”

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