Niall Imagine- Formal

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Niall Imagine 1- Formal

Submitted: August 05, 2012

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Submitted: August 05, 2012




You're school is having a formal. Your parents even bought you the most beautiful purple & black dress. You were going alone only because no one asked you to go with them. And that was ok with you... sort of...

When you get there, almost everyone has a date... besides you... When a slow song came on, you sat down at a table so you wouldn't feel awkward. You REALLY wished your crush would have asked you.

When you started asking yourse

lf why you even came to the formal, you feel a tap on your shoulder. Wiping away a tear you turn around. A smiling blonde boy in purple and black stands behind your chair. 
"Niall..." you whispered
He blushed. "(Y/N), would you like to dance?" he said handing you a red rose. 
You nod and he takes your hand while walking to the dance floor.
You and Niall have a good time dancing, hanging out, and chatting with your friends. After the dance is over, he drives you to his appartment.
"Where are we?" you asked 
"This is my flat" he said "Are you ready for an all night movie marathon?" he said smiling.
He held up a grocery bag filled with treats and goodies.
You smiled and he opened the door for you.
You & Niall had a great night! When he dropped you off at home at 3 AM, you two talked a bit... then he kissed you and said, "I had a great time babe, Let's do that again" You smiled and headed into your house, wishing to press replay. 
When you unpacked your purse from that night, there was a note. It read :

Dinner and a movie Saturday?
xx Nialler

and at the bottom, was Niall's number...

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