Short Niall Fan Fic- Blue Eyes

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Short Niall Fan Fic- Blue Eyes

Submitted: August 06, 2012

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Submitted: August 06, 2012




It’s 8 AM on a Saturday and you hear your mom’s voice “Millie! Get up and come downstairs.” You groaned. You put on your ducky slippers and slowly walked downstairs. ‘What did I do this time?’ you thought to yourself. You walked into the living room to your mom smiling big.

“Morning!” she said. “I have a surprise for you!” You instantly woke up all of the way. “What is it!?” you yelled excited. Your mom snickered. “Go get dressed in something nice and come back downstairs, then we’ll talk.” You didn’t even let her finish. You raced upstairs and pulled on shorts a sweatshirt and your vans. You quickly straightened your hair, brushed your teeth and raced back downstairs. Your mom was also dressed and she had her Canon camera and a big smile. She grabbed her car keys and opened the door for you.

You two drove downtown while listening to your One Direction CD. You were having a great time with your mom when something popped into your head. “The One Direction concert is today…” instantly you got depressed and stopped singing What Makes You Beautiful. Your mom turned down the radio, “What’s wrong Millie?” Should you tell her or should you keep it inside? “Nothing… My eyes are just tired” she nodded and went back to singing the One Direction song. Your mom pulled up to a radio station downtown. You got a little upset. “You.. you brought me to a radio station? That’s what I was so excited about?!” Your mom shook her head. Before you get upset at me, open this: she handed you a blue bag with red paper.

You opened the bag not knowing what to expect. In the bag was a shirt that said “I <3 NIALL” and the One Direction special edition of People Magazine. Your heart dropped… “THIS is what I was excited for?” You moped more and opened the magazine. ‘Six HOT mega posters!’ You smiled a bit and turned to the posters. There was one of every boy! Even one of all of them together! You looked at the Niall poster and saw there was something in it. You took out the poster and opened it. Something fluttered on your lap… Your heart raced… You pick it up. The first thing was 2 pieces of paper… Ultimate VIP… You squealed. “OH MY NIALL!! I LOVE YOU MOM” The next thing was a plastic zip log bag with some bands in it. You read the bands: “1D Meet And Greet 6/13/12” you thought…  “that’s today” you said. You jumped up and down in your seat… “Surprise!” she said. You ready to meet 1D? You nodded “but where?” you asked. Your mom smiled, “here. I won a radio contest... So are you ready?!” You squealed and you hopped out of the car before you could even answer.


When you walked up to the boys, the first to come up was Liam:

“Hi sweetie!”

“Hey Liam! How are you”

“Great!!” your heart raced…

“Can I get a hug?” you ask

“Sure!” Liam said cheerfully

Liam wrapped his arms around you and gave you a big hug. He kissed your forehead.


The next  boy was Zayn:

“Hey babe!”


“VAS HAPPENIN?!” Zayn said back giving you a high five

“Can I touch your hair?”

Zayn laughed and nodded.

“ooooooh” you smiled

Zayn winked at you and gave you a huge bear hug.


The next boy was Harry:

“Hey Harry!”

“Sup?!” he said back

“Wanna hear about my new cat?” you asked

“YES!!” Harry said

“JUST KITTEN!” you said laughing

 Harry pouted his lip “I really wanted to hear about your new cat”

“I’m sorry” you said “Do you need a hug?” you said reaching your arms out

He nodded his head. You hugged harry then he lifted his head up smiling his cheeky smile.


You moved on to Louis:

“Hello” you said

“Hello” he said back

“How are you?”

“How are you?” he copied

You stopped and thought for a second…

“I LOVE Harry’s butt” you said

Harry looked towards you in confusion…

“I LOVE Harry’s butt” Louis repeated.

“Oh really?” you said grinning holding up your iPhone…

“Recording huh?” Louis said.

You nodded.

“Well played babe… well played…”

“Don’t worry, I wont post it on the internet. It’s my new ringtone though!”

Liam, Zayn Louis, and Harry watched as you walked over to the last boy…



“Hello!” flashing his teeth and fluttering his eyelashes

“Hiya!” you said back “Can I get a hug?”

His face light up as he nodded.

He smelt like Abercrombie cologne and his hugs were… warm and soft. He buried his face in your neck and you did the same to him. You took in a big breath of Abercrombie cologne. But you two finally had to let go.

“How are you Niall?”

He didn’t respond to you…

Louis budged him on the arm.


“Oh… g…good.”

“What’s wrong?” you asked looking concerned

“I was hypnotized… In your blue eyes… they’re so beautiful he blushed

You blushed almost as bright as Niall was.

“ooooooh!” Louis said. “Niall and—uhh.. what's your name love”

“Millie” you said

“Niall and Millie sitting in a tree, K-I-S--” Louis started

But before Louis could finish, Niall hit him in the stomach.

Liam shook his head at Louis.

“Millie, do you want to--” but before Niall could finish, Paul came in.

“Boys, time to go. Say by to the girl, guys.”

Your mom dragged you out of Wal-Mart with you almost crying and Niall looking the same way. What was he about to tell you?


When it was time for the meet and greet, you decided to change into your “I <3 NIALL” shirt. The line wasn’t very long, yet it took a while. You were thinking about what Niall was about to tell you.

You walk up to Zayn and he hugs you. You also take a picture with him and he looked at you funny. Was he trying to remember you? You’re not sure so you mess up his hair and do a cheeky grin while walking away.

You walk up to Harry and get a hug from him and a picture. He whispers in your ear “I still don’t forgive you for not telling me about your new cat, Millie..” he winks and you go to Louis.

Louis doesn’t recognize you a bit. You chat with him for a bit and you liked it. You really like talking to Louis… it’s like you can tell him anything… But you just met him… But when you walk off from him, Harry gives him a childish look and a hit on the arm.

Liam started talking to you about Batman and turtles and you two were having a great time and some good laughs. He was so sweet and he gave you a big hug. It wasn’t as good as Niall’s, but it came in a close second. He kissed you on the cheek and you kiss him back. But the moment you’ve been waiting for arrives: Niall.

Hopefully, he will recognize you and tell you what he was about to a while ago. You to talk and giggle, every time Niall looking into your eyes. He has to say something… He has to… you ask for a picture and a hug and he does the same adorable grin like last time. His hugs are the best thing you’ve felt, like a warm cuddle. He still smelled like strong Abercrombie cologne, your new favorite smell. In the picture, he has his hand around his waist as you do to him. Your head in in the crook of his neck and he is smiling like you’ve never seen him smile in pictures before. Niall hasn’t said a thing about remembering you, but it’s time to go. You hug him goodbye him holding your hand in a tight grip, you never wanted to let go of that warm, familiar grip. But when you try to walk away, he keeps the grip on your hand.

“What’s wrong Niall?” you ask almost to tears

“It’s your blue eyes…” he whispered.

“What were you trying to say earlier today?” you ask

Niall pulls you in for a long kiss…




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