Darkness Storm.

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Another short one! My interpretation is that it's about how when we're in a bad situation, we always try to get out. But then eventually we just give up, and there will be brief moments of good mixed in with the bad. Some things that we appreciate, some brief moments of happiness. But since we've given up, we can't help but feel jealous about those happy moments. They last so shortly, like lightning in a storm. But eventually the storm always ends, and then you'll be left in darkness again.

Submitted: January 06, 2013

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Submitted: January 06, 2013



Darkness fades to Color.

The light in your eyes,

has never been smaller.

I can't help but memorize,

that look in her eyes.

When she cries,



Rainy days and cloudy nights.

We can't see the starry skies.

We don't even try to fight,

the gnawing at our soul.

We just lose all control!


The screams of night,

accompanied by brilliant flashes of light.

It's like even nature knows of our flaw.

Wait until we tell you what we saw.

Light constantly striking out, into the darkness.

It gives us brief moments of vision, but I promise.

We won't like what we see, but that's okay.

Eventually the storm always ends anyway.

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