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Booksie broke for me for -awhile-. I couldn't post anything. :( Hopefully this gets through, I've been wanting to get this started up again.

Just a poem.

Submitted: January 02, 2013

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Submitted: January 02, 2013



Think about the words,

what would you do if they were gone.

It borders on the absurd,

just how dependent we have become.


It's as if we don't exist,

we haven't for quite some time.

There's nothing left to fix,

as we try for one last rhyme.


It didn't used to be a contest,

words used to have some meaning.

Just take a look at the context,

and understand the feeling.


Some things are perfectly fine to say.

Sometimes it just depends, on the day to day.

It's like words are no longer about our intentions,

we all just have to act like politicians.


I'll just keep speaking my mind, thanks.

I have no desire to be like all of the fakes.

There's times when I like to speak too loud,

and others when my language will be darker than a rain cloud.

And if you don't like this admission,

you don't have to listen.

I speak for myself,

not for your permission.

I'll make my own definition.



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