Burning Tremor

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Love me no more than a burning.

There’s a fire in my chest burning, burning heat into the air.

The chill warping my gentle breaths into a smokers fare.

Pillage my surroundings i’ve got nothing left to give

don’t come searching for the missives i’m sure it’s ashes in the pit.

Breathless burning of tight sealed lips, Fingers melded by our pinky tips.

blueish apparel of the seas, drowning death of my own sleeves

Love me no more than a burning , no more than a dandelion on a hill with it’s leave shriveled still.

Love me no more than a penny on the sill, burning, burning, no more than a burning.

The ageless whipping wind, faster than the seen . The cloud is overhead darkening our dream.

Fire in the middle, light flickering on our face.

Glistening of the stars and the tears are all but gone.

Around the corner, away from sight.

Down the river and out to sea, amongst the rocks and golden beach.

Let me go breathless, slipping on behind.

A shadow left in the mirror, a space between our fingers.

It’s dimming, flickering like a light.

The heat is gone, and I’m left with nothing but the heat grazing my cheek.


Submitted: September 16, 2015

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Sir AK87

WoW!what can I say this was a really entertaining read!! Please do me the pleasure and checking out some of my work. Like it love it I know you will.


Wed, September 16th, 2015 5:56am


Thank you.

Tue, October 13th, 2015 4:49pm

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