Genocide Breach

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Society is no longer a blossoming flower of advancement and innovation. Humanity has reverted to a more primal and destructive form of evolution. Survival is not a question of can I make it, but is it worth it to see the end of days.

Submitted: June 20, 2017

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Submitted: June 17, 2017



Time: 0900 p.m.

Location: Mess Hall Aboard the D-D (Dysprosium Dragoon)

Year: 2-1809


Hello.. If there is anyone out there.. please.. don't send help. It's to late for me but it may not be to late for the remainder of humanity. My name is Atmos Galilei, and I am the lone survivor of the Stratus resistance group. There were six of us, my entire team was killed while trying to destroy this damn thing. Whoever is in control of this Goliath, advised the remaining humans in the region to offer any alloy we had in our possession in exchange for another chance at life. But even if we had it to spare, we wouldn't have given in. There's nothing left, the earth has been mined into a barren wasteland full of nothing but graveyards and hopeless battles. The copper toned clouds make it impossible to breath the air, and if that doesn't kill you the irradiated water brings you to the brink of death. The soil has become as hard as bedrock, so anyone that has chosen to live in the subterranean vaults, either started the process before the war began or they die from the onslaught of bullets the D-D soldiers sent in their direction. Most fossil fuels have been absorbed into this fucking dragon, and all vehicles have been used in the creation of it. It's entire exterior consist of nothing but cars, planes, boats and even war machines such as tanks. Most of us travel by foot or wooden boats, I've heard of horse traders, but I haven't made it far enough into the main land to know if that's true or not. This monolith of destruction has taken out entire cities and whole armies, it was childs play. The relentless bloodshed must be stopped. I had nearly given up hope, but there was a rumor floating around about a blacksmith that has been making weapons and armor out of obsidian, and apparently that's the only thing that can penetrate the hull. The only reason I was able to make in here was because of the glacial nuke my demolition expert made for me, unfortunately only two were made before she died. I'm sure there's a way to stop the dragoon, I can't let humanity be annihilated by this fucking creature, so if anymore survivors are out there listening find the blacksmith, band together in order to bring the D-D down. Humans adapt and survive. If I can't muster the strength to stop this genocide from going on, then it'll be up to you. Live and breach the hull, put an end to this. This is Atmos Galilei signing off. 

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