My Curse

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Pain is the perfect teacher. Pain is also the drug as well as the worst kind of love.

Submitted: June 22, 2018

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Submitted: June 22, 2018



A constant state of undesirable pain. 

But I never ignore it, nor do I find the time to adore it.

I was bred from pain. My sanity is not that of an average man.

What sort of despot bathes with a toaster after being ran over by a bullet train?

Every chance that I get I serenade my lunacy with tears joy and it never makes sense until it hurts again.

In my case a victory will never be the same as a win, detestable pleasures will never be the same as a sin.

I've walked on hot coals and laughed it off. I've had my heart broken a thousand times, it always hurts. But after the happy tragedy I look forward to it happening all over again.

I don't remember the last time that I flat lined, but there was a face, one that I couldn't recognize.

But what does that mean if the murderer is the heartbeat that I trust the most? Does the saboteur have to die with his knees attached to the sun drenched pavement? Or will his throat leave a frostbitten trail of blood?

I have no knowledge of the man that stares back at me, all I know is that he won't set me free. 

I'm forever his prisoner, forever his captive.

What makes his words that much more terrifying to me is that, he said to me even when I die again it would be fruitless to close my eyes.

He would just resurrect me before the soil hardened and force me to relive the pain a thousand over.

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