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A friend gave me the following setting for the story: You are a human and have a pet cat. One day you found a green liquid and drank it. After drinking the liquid you shrink down to be 3 inches

Submitted: February 09, 2018

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Submitted: February 09, 2018



"I have a feeling that wasn't the right smoothie bottle...", I mumbled sarcastically to myself. In my head, I started panicking already! I seriously just shrank down to the size of a mouse, why are those things always happening to me?!? I tried telling myself to calm down. Okay, what happened? I woke up just half an hour ago, went to the kitchen and grabbed my healthy, green smoothie like every morning and some cheese to make myself a toast. I opened the bottle, drank a big sip and all of a sudden I am here on the ground like a really small Barbie doll under a bunch of pyjamas. Of course with my luck, only my body got smaller and not my clothes. Boy, do I hate my life right now! However, it kind of is my own fault, kale smoothies normally don't sparkle and taste like gummy bears. Yet I drank half the bottle. "Well done idiot!", I shouted out into the cotton of my pyjama pants, or was it my underwear? I couldn't know, there was nothing than darkness. And slowly I felt the weight of the clothes above me, too. 'I need to find a more secure place', I thought and began to fight my way out of this comfy bunch of cotton. And when I say fight I really mean it! Not even my grandma's face has as many folds as I had to get through over here. Maybe on a better day I would have grinned over the situation of a 7cm tall, naked, sweaty guy struggling to leave some pyjamas with Toy Story motives on them, my mom bought them and I haven't been growing since I was 15 ok?!, but right now it was serious! On my way out a couple things crossed my mind. First, I want to know how the hell this bottle got into my fridge! Second, I need something to wear. I've never been a great fan of the nudist lifestyle. And third and probably the worst, my cat is in the house! You must understand that. She isn't an old, fat and lazy cat like Garfield, who doesn't even care about mice running over him. No, I own a 15 months old black devil! She wants to play non-stop and jumps on everything that moves, followed by fighting it to death with her pointy claws and teeth. She preferably does it to objects the size of a hand which move under a blanket. Basically what I am doing right now...

My only hope was that she wasn't in the room at this moment. Otherwise, I would be dead within ten seconds. However, I wasn't yet and now I also began to notice some light from a direction halfway to my right. Hopefully freedom for me. A couple more personal fights with different pyjama folds and I could finally see the daylight again. I crawled out the last centimeters, put my feet on the ground...and shivered. My naked feet just touched kitchen tiles that I was sure came directly from Antarctica. Suddenly I wanted to crawl back into my pyjamas again, they are comfy at least. It would be my death sooner or...no, definitely sooner anyway, and do I even want to live like this then. Naked and freezing. “I should at least try”, I told myself in and began to check my surroundings. Apparently, my will to live was not completely dead. Everything around me seemed calm, suspiciously calm. Only the tick-tock of my kitchen clock was audible. ‘This is not a good sign, I need a more elevated and secure spot to observe...and clothes, I definitely need clothes!’, I thought. My eyes were wandering around to find something. I saw the top of my bookshelf in the living room, that surely is a good hiding spot. However, it was behind the kitchen counter and possibly right next to Baby´s sleeping spot. Indeed my cat is named Baby, ironic isn´t it? On the other hand, what were my options, the kitchen wasn't safe and my feet were slowly turning into ice cubes. So I decided to run there. And I ran. Not looking back, not looking to the side, just focusing on the shelf. The five meters now felt like a kilometer to me. My heart was pounding heavily and its sound echoed in my head, making it as loud as a jet taking off. I lost all sense of my surroundings, only seeing my goal, the lowest shelf, coming closer and closer, and getting higher and higher. Too high! I tried jumping at the last moment, but too late. My whole body already splat against the wooden bar I put between the 10cm of lowest shelf and the ground so Baby won't play all her toys under there. I really do have great ideas! Slowly I fell backwards on the floor. It almost felt like I was in a cartoon, now falling on my back with all the stars going in circles above my head to resemble the dizziness. Still breathing like hell, I thought I would pass out soon. 'So this is how I'll die' was my last thought before I sank into the black nothingness.
The next thing I remembered was a light in front of me. Heaven? I slowly opened my eyes. No, just my living room ceiling with that one unidentified red spot on there. What a bummer! It might have sounded quite sarcastically that I was sad to be alive, but I was tiny, naked and had a headache like I partied for the last 5 days, how else should I have reacted. However, as I was lying there, slowly getting my memories back and having more clear thoughts, I realized I still alive and for some reason, Baby, who usually hears from the kitchen when I cough in the bedroom, hasn't found me yet. I could as well try to stay alive a little bit longer. I told myself to focus and made a plan to get higher up on the bookshelf and then...improvise. This time getting on the lowest shelf was easier, at least as easy as climbing with a headache can be. Reaching the next one seemed a bit more difficult, but I probably had the first useful idea of the day to do that. I pulled out some of the smaller and lighter books and pushed them slightly over the edge to build something that resembled a stairway. Nevertheless, it was a hell of a work, but I was focused enough on it and eventually, after cursing that I didn't skip leg day in the gym more often because of all this pushing and pulling, I made it to the highest shelf.I immediately pulled out my least favorite book in the row and began to tear the pages apart. I was confident that I have seen enough ancient Roman shows and documentaries on tv to know how to adjust a toga. Turned out I didn't. I ended up wrapping the paper around my torso and limbs until it would stay there simply by being too thick to fall off. I totally forgot about everything else until, while wrapping my right arm, a dark shadow appeared in the corner of my eye. I froze instantly, my heart rate slowly increasing with the slight panic that began to fill my body. Carefully I moved my head around so I could see what caused my reaction in full glory. There she sat! Baby, about 3 meters away from the bookshelf on the ground, staring at me with her big green eyes, that were the only visible thing within her deep black silhouette. If it wasn't for her moving tail it could have been a statue as well. Even though her appearance gave nothing away I knew what was going on. She was in hunting-mode...and I was her prey!
I kept staring at her, she kept staring back. I knew as long as I didn't move nothing would happen, but so far I have lost every stare down against her. I had to think of a Plan B quickly! All around me were only a couple books, not really a good weapon to be honest. However, I had to try. I focused on my plan, took one deep breath...and jumped back to the books ducking on the ground as low as I could. Only silence. 'I guess it worked' I told myself in my head. Now for the second part of the plan. I slowly crawled over to the book I used for my "clothes" while making sure nothing of my body was visible from the ground. I couldn't dare to peek over the edge to see if my cat already lost interest. Eventually, I reached the book and I began pushing, with my body still pressed to the shelf and my legs using the other books as a solid ground to push the book over the edge. I pushed slowly until it lost balance and fell. All I heard was the book hitting a lower shelf and then several sounds from the floor as the book tumbled a bit over it before coming to a stop. Then silence. Nothing that could've been a cat being scared or walking away. I waited. One second. Two seconds, three, four. Then another sound like a heavier book hitting the shelf again added by something that sounded like somebody shortly scraped with some pointy plastic tool over the wooden boards of the bookshelf. But that was what it sounded like to me for only half a second. And the sudden realization what it actually was had me paralyzed from fear. Baby just jumped on the bookshelf!
I pushed myself to move forward against all common sense and I got a glance at the scenery below me. The green eyes of my cat were just a meter away and they were staring at me. All of a sudden the fear didn't paralyze me anymore, but filled me with energy. I jumped up and turned to the other books. I somehow had to try to scare the black monster away! I pulled out another book as fast as I could. In the background, I heard how Baby tried to jump on the next higher shelf. I pushed the book down, there was no time to aim. It missed, of course. We both looked at the book hitting the ground for a second then Baby focused on me again. I could already see the ravenous look in her widely opened eyes. "GET LOST", I screamed at her followed by some hissing noises. I didn't expect it to work, it was more to calm down myself. Next, I jumped back to the books and grabbed another one, already hearing her jump on the shelf below me. I pushed the book over the edge as quickly as I could. This time it hit her slightly on the side while falling to the ground. But it didn't scare her at all. Bab was still only staring at me...this had to be my end. I didn´t move anymore, only stared back awaiting her final jump to grab me and hunt me to death around the house in a playfully looking way.

Suddenly something started moving. But not my cat, not myself. No, my surroundings were kind of...stretching? I gained more distance to the things in front of me. As soon as I realized that it actually was me growing bigger my head already hit the ceiling. Scared of this strange situation Baby now jumped back on the ground, but for me, the danger wasn't over. I still wasn't even 30 centimeters tall and over two meters above the ground, I couldn't jump without serious injuries. I had to react quickly now, I laid flat on the shelf to gain a little more space to the ceiling, but I was still growing! The only solution that came to my mind was to hang on the edge of the shelf and wait. I moved my body over the edge, grabbing the wood with my hands as tight as I could. My hands were sweaty and my arms felt sore from all the climbing and pushing around books. I knew I couldn't hold on for too long. So I closed my eyes just hoping to grow fast enough to not land hard in the end. I don't know how long I was hanging there having a fight between my arms and my mind, but eventually, my arms won and I had to let the shelf slip between my fingers. For a millisecond I felt the fall in my guts just to be abruptly stopped by the ground. It came so surprisingly that I stumbled backwards and fell on my back. The next thing I remember was that I let out all the air in my lungs and a big smile formed on my face. 'I have survived, I'm back to my old size.' The relief was enormous, especially after I realized I stopped growing and wouldn't turn into a giant either. When I looked back at the bookshelf I noticed the top shelf being bent heavily. I must've hanged on there with nearly my whole bodyweight while my feet were basically touching the ground already. Yet I was in fear on there. "Thankfully nobody saw", I said out loud...and directly got a "meow" as a response. I lifted my head up to see that Baby was now sitting next to me examining me with a curious glance. "That whole thing never happened", I said towards her in a serious tone. "And if somebody asks, I just put too many books on the shelf, ok!"
And I swear while Baby walked away she rolled her eyes at me as if she wanted to say "Whatever...".

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