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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Commercial Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: May 24, 2008

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Submitted: May 24, 2008



Key to goodwill and goodlife -Conscience prevents anxieties and worries-

Anxiety is a natural part of life, and most of us experience it from time to time. The word "anxiety" usually refers to worry, concern, stress, or nervousness. It is a complex combination of emotions that includes fear, apprehension and worry, and is often accompanied by physical sensations such as palpitations, nausea, chest pain and/or shortness of breath. It's completely normal to worry about your hectic, complicated life, but if the worries become overwhelming, you may feel that they're running your life. If you spend an excessive amount of time feeling anxious or you have difficulty sleeping because of your anxiety, pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. They may be symptoms of an anxiety problem or disorder. There is clear difference between feeling anxious and anxiety -Feeling anxious can sometimes be a good thin- Anxiety can actually help you by motivating you to prepare for a big test or by keeping you on your toes in potentially dangerous situations. Occasional anxiety isn't something to be concerned about. Whether you think you might have an anxiety disorder, understanding the disorder and its treatment can help however the prima-facie behind the bad one is conscience. As protection is said to be better than cure here are a few words of wisdom that could help protect its occurrence :

"The lord may forgive us our sins, but the nervous system never does” Prof. W. James

Well, this nonetheless the question of conscience, we are created conscience and in order to enjoy the short we shall spent in this world ,we must listen and live by that conscience – every time we need to make a decision consulting that conscience can help to make it decision without regret we quicker.
“Human who do not know how to fight worry dies young” Dr. A.Carrel

It takes real understanding about reality of life to actually put this into practice- once we understand that things will always happen in life, and when it comes, it is very imperative to deal with it based on priority that will give space for continuity of our various activities—aha.. -the good one thus.
“Everything that is in agreement with our personal desire seemed true, everything that is not, puts us into a rage” A. Maviros

This is about balance and bias, this statement is quite true and it is being said that we should be careful on being bias or lack sense of justice, because such behaviors could be sweet for a short time, but leave us with everlasting anxiety which no one wants.
Unpleasant emotion such as those cause by worries, nagging, etc , may upset the body’s calcium balance and cause tooth decayed” Mcgonigle

Ok- a note on important of psychology and consequence of action, the bad one that leads to anxiety and their impact on our body – therefore by doing things right, we escape worries,,,nagging ,etc and we can keep a good health – in fact one o f the secrete of rejuvenation is to be good …because happiness come from that and that pays back our body.
“Let us not allow ourselves to be upset by small things, we should despise and forgive. Remember, life is too short”. Unknow author

Here we go- the virtue of patience – when things happen, let breath , give some space , use, and allow our faculty to think –if there is no need for urgency , believe patience so many things – and people with patience always end it well with happiness and joy .
“A good supply of resignations is the first importance in providing for the journey of life”- Unknow author

It is always hard for people to accept mistake, when anxiety hit us, the first step to dealing with it is by accepting the condition, then we can get ways to get out of the cause.

“A certain comfortable security, a certain profound inner peace, a kind of happy numbness soothes the nerves of the human animals when absorbed in its allotted task” J. LONPER
Here linked with anxiety is question of balance and justice, every time we practice injustice, we must expect fear and anxiety –therefore which one is better for us to apply in our daily life – the choice is ours and is the choice that will place us in appropriate rank of our being.

“It is not miserable to be blind; it is only miserable when unnable to endure blindness are”Unknow author

This quite explanatory, we must accept our self for who we are, we must accept everything that comes our way in the name of destiny – we are not here for joke, we are actually here to build ingenuity to solve problems- that is why we are given so much privilege as human – upon such resignation, we have many choice under many condition which we must us to endure whatever comes our way – in the process we end killing worries.

“I am ready to confront night storm, hunger, ridicules, accident, and rebuffs as the trees and animals do”: W. Whitman

This is just too true- and it is a reality of the fact no matter who we are , we are blessed, and no matter what come our way , there is always room to thank that ALMIGHTY CREATOR- because , HE could have made threes, animals , and we will not enjoy the privilege given to human – yet those three, animals are happy – therefore , another center of reflection that accepting things that com our ways will help relief our worries and only from there we will find a way out .

“For every ailment under the sun there is a remedy or there is none, if there be one, try to find it, if there be none never mind it” – D. Hawkes

Here everything has a solution, except death, and it is our duty to capitalize on learning, research to find and grow, we will all taste,,, and it is made for reason- u and I can imagine what human will be doing to one another today if there is no death—death is actually made by God to protect us,,..infact to support his discussion with the angels that we are going to be the best during the process of making the first man , so that we can always be good and remain the best creatures.

“When I can’t handle events, I let them handle themselves, don’t see what is to be gained by worrying .I do the best and leave the result in the laps of God”- J.C. Penney

This is telling that, when things become difficult , we should take break ,,for further reflection and accusation of further wisdom to deal with it – however when we are left with no time – we can support it with our faith in the in the MOST HIGH – as human we practical a moving machine – we proposed HE decide, HE control HIS machine – thus we must try first , because , we all believe in assessment and testing and God has HIS own way of assessing or testing us too…. Handwork do truly pays – we can always support handwork patience and perseverance with prayer.
“There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which is beyond the power of our will” Epicteus

Hnmm everything in this life is with our power, except death, it is incumbent to us that we must to find solution to everything and the best way is for us to learn and share what we learn and put heads and earth together – coming to death the way we stop worry about death is by spending our time in the right way in this worlds- since none of us don’t what we will meet in the next world – it is important for us to save something good for raining day.

“When we stop fighting the inevitable, we release energy which enables us to create a richer life” E. Mavormick

What is it in this world d we cannot avoid, practical nothing except death and our purpose of being we must accept that we are here for certainty , goodwill , sharing ….once we hare agreement with these things , we will not fail ,, we will be happy – we will have confidence to live and leave life.

There are various types of anxiety , viz:
  • Generalized anxiety disorder, this refers to constant, intense worry and stress about a variety of everyday things or situations.
  • Panic disorder is characterized by panic attacks, or episodes of intense fear that occur for no apparent reason.
  • Agoraphobia is an intense fear of having a panic attack.
  • Social anxiety disorder is an intense fear of social situations.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder -is characterized by obsessions - thoughts or impulses that occur again and again and that a person feels he can't control - and compulsions - behaviors or rituals that a person feels he must perform to control disturbing thoughts and relieve the anxiety the thoughts trigger.
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder -refers to anxiety relating to a traumatic or terrifying past experience.
  • Specific phobias are intense unrealistic fears relating to specific situations or things (that are not actually dangerous), such as heights, dogs, or flying in an airplane.
This what we get after we get ourself in trouble due to lack of care and consicence -

To box this matter up-- once we are doing things right , we prepare for things as well as merpegency prepareness for reality of challenges, we maintain balance on the planet , and we respect the wisdom of consceince ,we will will have good health, mental state and confidence to live a god life. Above all we can provent anxiety by employing those word of advice and listening an dlive by conscience.
Your comment will very appreciative tocomliment my thought.

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